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Research Associate (Biochemistry) at IIT Bombay: Apply by Apr 12: Expired

IIT Bombay invite applications for Research Associate (Biochemistry) post for the year 2021. The last date of application submission is 12 April 2021.

About the Project

Project title: Investigation of function of kinetochore on 3D organisation and condensation of chromosomes during mitosis and meiosis using budding yeast as a model system.

About the project: Faithful chromosome segregation is very crucial for resisting generation of aneuploidy which is responsible for several disease states. The kinetochore complex is a megadalton complex that connects the chromosomes with that of the microtubule spindle, and plays the key role in chromosome segregation. Besides attaching the chromosomes with the spindle, the kinetochore is believed to act as a hub to cater several other functions pertaining to the chromosome segregation. In this project, we would investigate the function of kinetochore on condensation of the chromosomes and how through this function it can modulate the positioning of the chromosomes in 3D space of the nucleus. We would examine if there is any variation of these functions between mitotic and meiotic cell divisions. For this work, we will use budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a popular eukaryotic model for studying the cell cycle.

JRF/ Project Associate-I at IIT Mandi [With Ph.D. Registration]: Apply by Apr 5


Ph.D/MD/MS/MDS or equivalent degree or having 3 years of research, teaching and design and development experience after MVSc/M.Pharm/ME/M.Tech with at least one research paper in Science Citation Indexed (SCI) journal.

More than 75% marks in Masters degree and more than 65% marks in bachelor degree will be preferred. Six months to one year experience of work on Next Generation Sequencing including ChIP-Seq, Hi-C, RNA-Seq (wet lab experiment and bioinformatics of data analysis) will be highly preferred. Experience in working on yeast (S. cerevisiae) will also be preferred.

Job Profile

Wet lab experiments of Mol Bio, Cell Bio and Biochemistry with sample and library preparation related to NGS. Data maintenance, Bioinformatics analysis of NGS data and scientific report writing.


The position is temporary for a period of 1 year and tenable only for the duration of the project. The appointment is for time bound project and the candidate is required to work mainly for the successful completion of the project. The selection committee may offer lower or higher designation and lower or higher salary depending upon the experience and performance of the candidate in the interview.


Email: recruit[at]

Apply here for Research Associate (Biochemistry) at IIT Bombay.

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