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Research Assistant (Finance & Accounting) at IIM Udaipur [5 Vacancies]: Applications Open

IIM Udaipur invites applications for Research Assistant (Finance & Accounting) posts for the year 2020. Online applications open on the official website.


Bachelor’s degree in quantitative disciplines (such as Engineering, Economics, Statistics or Mathematics) from any of the top-tier colleges in the country is preferred. Highly motivated candidates with an undergraduate degree from other disciplines, but with good mathematical background may also apply. The following are required (desirable)

  • Programming skills in R (knowledge of Stata, SPSS, or SAS is desirable)
  • Programming skills in Python (knowledge of Java, Scala, or Perl is desirable)
  • Strong familiarity with LaTeX (good English written communication is desirable)
  • Working knowledge of finance and accounting (knowledge of economics is desirable)
  • Attention to detail, multi-tasking, commitment (past research experience is desirable)

This is a research position in an academic setting. You will assist with:

  • Data collection, database creation and data analysis
    primarily quantitative, but may extend to qualitative
    faculty will help you train on necessary methods
  • Literature search, summary, presentation and writing.
  • Writing computer programs, maintaining spreadsheets.
Who is the Best Match?

You should consider yourself a good fit for this position if you are seriously considering pursuing a PhD, and want to get some experience to see if a research career is meant for you. You will assist up to three professors in projects on finance and accounting, as well as in projects that cut across other disciplines, such as at the interface of operations and finance. The skills you develop will help you in applying to top ranked doctoral programs in Finance and Accounting.

Apply here for Research Assistant (Finance & Accounting) at IIM Udaipur.


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