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Re-orientation Programme for Women Scientists @ Department of Biotechnology: Apply by May 31: Expired

To enhance the participation of Women Scientists in Biotechnology Research, the Department of Biotechnology invites the Letter of Intents (LOIs) under the BioCARe scheme for women scientists. The programme is targetted towards Career Development of employed/unemployed women scientists.
The scheme is open to all areas of Life Science / Biotechnology (including agriculture, veterinary science, and medicine). Age limit for application has been kept as 55 to ensure maximum impact.
The purpose is to build capacities for women scientists so as to help them undertake independent R&D projects. It would also be a good opportunity for Women Scientists who have had a Career Break to get into the mainstream of research.
Eligibility Criteria:
(i) M.D/M. Tech /Ph. D/M.VSc/Equivalent degree in any branch of Life Sciences. (In case of different background of the applicant, the LOI if in one of the areas mentioned in the guidelines- can be submitted).
(ii) Women Scientists who are employed or unemployed or are desirous of coming back after a break.
(iii)Women Scientists for whom it is the first research grant.(Women Scientists who have already availed any research grant as a Principal Investigator from any Government Funding Agency are not eligible to apply).
(iv) Women Scientists up to 55 years of age
The eligible applicants should submit the Letter Of Intent(LOI) online by clicking here. The LOI should describe the objectives and work plan through which you intend to achieve the target in the project period. (The LOI should not exceed more than 7 pages)
The area should be clearly mentioned and could be any of the below: (In case the wrong area is mentioned/submitted-application will be rejected)
1. Plant & Agriculture Biotechnology
2. Compounds of Industrial / Medicinal Utility
3. Animal & Marine Biotechnology
4. Bio-Engineering, Biomaterials
5. Environmental Biotechnology / Bioenergy
6. Medical Biotechnology
7. Computational Biology
Important Dates:
Last Date for Submission of LOI: May 31, 2018.
Dr. Suraksha S. Diwan, Email:

For further details, Click here to visit the official website.

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