RCC Postdoctoral and Senior Fellowship Program 2020-21

RCC Postdoctoral and Senior Fellowship Program 2020-21 at Germany: Apply by Jan 31

About the Program

The Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society invites applications for its 2020–21 cohort of postdoctoral and senior fellows. The RCC’s fellowship program is designed to bring together excellent scholars from a variety of countries and disciplines who are working in the field of environment and society.

In this application round, the RCC is offering thematic fellowships (four to twelve months) on the following topics:

  • Extinction
    The “Rettet die Bienen” (Save the Bees) campaign in Bavaria elevated the issue of species loss and extinction to the top of the public agenda. Why are habitats and species being lost, and what are the consequences? What can we learn from past extinctions? What is the impact for humans of the reality and the discourse of extinction? Can we fight against the loss of species—and should we?
  • Futures
    Western understandings of “the future” are primarily based on ideas of progress and intention; but in today’s world, other understandings are needed. How can we ensure just futures in a planetary context? How have past imaginations of the future created better worlds? How can we build feasible futures—economically, infrastructurally, physically, and culturally? Which tools and concepts help us imagine alternative futures?
  • Open (no specific theme)
    We will be awarding a very limited number of fellowships for truly excellent projects that do not relate to either of these two topics. We expect that the success rate for funding in this category will be between 3–5%.

This will be the last fellowship round to be funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, which provided the initial grant for the RCC in 2009.

Fellowship Awards

Fellowships will be granted for a period of four to twelve months (applicants should indicate their preferred duration in their application). The RCC will pay for a teaching replacement of the successful candidate at their home institution; alternatively, it will pay a stipend directly to the fellow that is commensurate with their experience, current employment, and funding guidelines. Travel to and from Munich will be covered by the RCC.

  • fellows must commit to a stay of between four and twelve months
  • fellowships may begin on the following three dates:
    • 1 September 2020
    • 1 January 2021
    • 1 May 2021
  • fellows (with the exception of outreach fellows) must have completed a doctoral degree (including final defense) by 31 January 2020
  • applicants who reside in the greater Munich area will not be considered (however, applications for fellowships that are based on collaborative projects with scholars in Munich are welcomed)
How to Apply?

Interested applicants can apply through the online portal.

Application Deadline

Jan 31, 2020

For more details, click here.

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