Rangoli Making Competition by Ministry of Culture, Govt of India: Register by Dec 15: Expired

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Submissions are open for Rangoli Making Competition by the Ministry of Culture, Govt of India for the year 2021. The last date of submission is 15 December.


A timeless and very important part of our vibrant culture can be found in the many hues of Rangolis, found at the entrance of almost every Indian household and at every auspicious occasion of celebration. For centuries, we have had a tradition of lending colours to festivals through Rangoli. The diversity of our country is visible in Rangoli. Rangoli is drawn in different states with different names and on different themes.

Be it Kollam in Tamil Nadu, Sathiya in Gujarat, Alpana in Bengal, Mandana in Rajasthan, Osa in Odisha, Aipan in Uttarakhand, or simply the Rangoli from Maharashtra – every region has its own unique way of representing their traditions, folklore and practices.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has always championed and celebrated India’s vibrant local culture and practices. From locally made textiles and ceremonial head dresses to schemes like Vocal for Local, his has been a leadership that not only promotes our rich heritage but also instils within us, pride and admiration for our wonderful culture.

It is that time of the year when a festive mood takes over the nation – what better time to spread the cheer through the colorful expressions of the many-hued Rangoli?

Through a nationwide Rangoli contest, we plan to celebrate the vibrant and iconic traditions of India – at their creative best. Be it the intricate designs, beautiful patterns, or the abundant use of colours – we welcome entries from every corner of our vast nation in an effort to showcase the treasure trove of our cultural heritage.


Every Indian between the ages of 16-45 is invited to send in their entries here.

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Only entries for physical Rangoli designs shall be eligible for the contest. Digitally created Rangolis, that have not been physically made in real will not be considered as valid entries. Rangoli related to the freedom movement may be created, picture of a hero of the freedom struggle and depict an event of our independence movement with colours, hues of the Amrit festival.


The competition will be held in three stages to incentivise local art forms to emerge and be declared winners and also have the chance to compete at state and national level.

Stage 1 (District Level):

A number of prominent locations in each district will be identified where initial competitors can enter into the competition. Best entries from a particular district will be selected and will be declared as District Level winners selected through a specially constituted jury. Each winner at the district level will advance to the state level competition.

Stage 2 (State level):

All district winners in a state will compete for the state level prizes. Each state will then select the state level winners through a specially constituted jury.

Stage 3 (National level)

The state level winners will compete in the final national level competition and among these 75 participants will be selected as national winners through a specially constituted jury. These 75 Rangolis will be showcased on Basant Panchami at a prominent location in New Delhi, suitably rewarded and will be provided National audience.


Interested candidates can participate via this page.

Important dates

1District LevelEach District31/10/2021 to 14/01/2022
2State LevelTBD20/01/2022 to 28/01/2022
3National LevelNew Delhi05/02/2022

The entries will start on 31/10/2021. Registrations is open till December 15th, 2021. Venue and Dates for District level, State level and National level competitions will be announced shortly.

Rules & Regulations

  • Material for making Rangoli to be brought by the participants.
  • The Rangoli should be drawn in the space fixed by the judges. It will be same for every district for all the participants.
  • Fixed time limit will be allocated to the participants to draw the Rangoli.
  • No pencils and chalks are allowed to make rough sketches as it has to be traditional.
  • Authenticity and uses of traditional motifs will be given more weightage during the judgement.
  • The space provided will be of measurement 4 feet by 4 feet. Participants have to complete their art work within the given space.
  • Time duration allotted will be 2 and half hours. No extra time will be given in any case.
  • Decision taken by the judges will be final and shall be accepted by all.

Click here to view the official notification of Rangoli Making Competition by Ministry of Culture, Govt of India.

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