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QIP On Waste to Wealth: Paradigm, Practice & Potential at IIT Kharagpur [Nov 25-29]: Register by Oct 31: Expired


Both solid wastes, as well as wastewater, have the potential of a generation of the enormous amount of useful resources. In fact, the ‘Green’ rhetoric which is of universal acceptance and used now places utmost importance to the efforts of recovery of useful materials and leading to zero waste in the limit. Segregation at source, recycling, composting, generation of energy through thermal or biological route has created a new paradigm in the concept of waste-to-wealth.
Alternately, wastewater is considered an enormous source of bioenergy, fertilizer (phosphorus, nitrogen), cellulose, biopolymer as well as refreshed water greatly reducing the burden on natural resources. The proposed AICTE-QIP short term course will be devoted to reviewing the paradigm, current practices, global as well as in our country, the new R&D initiatives in these directions and the concept of circular economy in this context. Special emphasis will be laid on the Indian scenario and policies.

Course Outline

Huge quantities of solid and liquid waste generated at present and its accelerated growth have led to global initiatives to recover as many valuables as possible from the wastes. Recycling of plastics and metals, generation of energy from the biodegradables as well as combustibles, recovery of valuables from wastewater and also the generation of energy from suspended and dissolved organics, generation of bio-electricity are a few of the areas that have attracted global attention.
The objective of this course is to present the recent developments, achievements, policies as well as research opportunities in the above areas especially in the Indian context:

  • Waste – Characteristics, Types, and Generation
  • Solid Waste Management – Creation of Resource
  • Recent Trends in Composting
  • Recycling and Reuse – Plastics, Metals and Other Useful Materials
  • Waste-to-Energy – Recent Advances
  • The transition from Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) to Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF)
  • Sustainability of Waste-to-Wealth Technologies
  • Application of the Principles of Circular Economy
Who can Attend?

M.Tech /M.Sc /Ph.D. for the AICTE Institutions.
Relaxable for student and industry/govt. organizations participants.


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The last date to register is October 31, 2019.


Phone Number: (03222) 283440
Email ID: ghangrekar@civil.iitkgp.ac.in

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