Call for Proposals: Women of the World Evaluation Assessment by The British Council: Submit by Feb 6

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By: Jasmeet | 18 Jan 2020 9:49 PM

Since 2016, the British Council has worked in partnership with The WOW (Women of the World Festival) Foundation to deliver WOW activity across South Asia (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka) and more recently in Brazil and Turkey. WOW is a global movement celebrating women and girls, taking a frank look at some of the obstacles they face.

Each WOW Festival around the world starts with Think Ins – discussion events with communities to develop festival content, including talks, performances, activism, workshops, food, mentoring, workshops and more.


Our WOW program aims to include:

  • Providing opportunities and platforms for women’s civic engagement;
  • Promoting women and girl’s agency through those platforms;
  • Challenging and shifting perceptions and attitudes towards gender equality.
Problem Statement
  1. We are looking for a consultant to review our work with WOW and design a gender-sensitive evaluation framework and tools that will be used to robustly evaluate the impact of WOW Festivals individually and collectively and to demonstrate how WOW contributes to our long term outcomes.
  2. The Request for Proposals documents details the expected outcomes of the evaluation. Proposals should explain how each outcome will be delivered, along with a provisional work plan, to be finalized during inception.
  3. Two WOW Festivals identified to focus on include WOW Festivals in Pakistan (June/July 2020) and Turkey (September 2020).
  4. We are particularly interested in hearing from suppliers whose application includes working in collaboration with an evaluation partner within a WOW Festival region.
Important Dates
  • By mid-February 2020: contract commences.
  • February 2020: May 2020: inception report detailing approach and methods, assessment of existing tools and Theories of Change, engagement with teams in Pakistan and Turkey
  • June 2020: July 2020: attendance at WOW Gilgit (Pakistan) to assess and trial evaluation tools.
  • August 2020: September 2020: attendance at WOW Istanbul to assess and trial evaluation tools.
  • October 2020: write up and recommendations.
  • November 2020: sharing of evaluation tools with the British Council team.

Candidates are requested to send completed applications to


Email ID:

For further details, click here.

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