CFP: R &D Proposals on Vitamin D Deficiency in India By Ministry of Science & Technology: Submit by Mar 22: Expired

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Vitamin D deficiency [VDD] is prevalent globally and the data for last two decades suggests that it may be widespread in India as well. VDD is essential for bone health, and has a role in calcium homeostasis.
Recent evidence suggests potential non- skeletal effects, which has led to increased interest in public health significance of VDD in the Indian context notwithstanding abundant sunshine. Worldwide naturally occurring dietary sources of VD are limited and most individuals obtain their VD from cutaneous sun exposure.
In view of the recent reports of escalating burden of biochemical VDD and its known skeletal and potential extra-skeletal effects, the Department of Biotechnology proposes to support research on its public health significance and potential interventions to address this malady.
Call for Papers
R & D Proposals are invited in the following thrust areas:

Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning
Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning
  • Representative National prevalence data of vitamin D deficiency specifically correlated with functional outcomes (biological consequences), especially in vulnerable populations including pregnant and lactating women, infants and elderly and from rural and coastal areas.
  • Novel functional markers of Vitamin D deficiency and point of care assays.
  • Benefits (skeletal and extra-skeletal) and safety (potential adverse effects) of Vitamin D supplementation and fortification
  • Mechanistically understand the effects of vitamin D deficiency, in various cells/tissues
  • Potential vegetarian dietary sources and bioavailability of Vitamin D
  • Role of other nutrients, especially calcium, in determining requirements and biological functioning of Vitamin D
  • Non-dietary interventions including sunshine exposure and exercise in alleviating vitamin D deficiency
  • Genetic determinants of Vitamin D metabolism and their association with biological consequences

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Applicants should submit soft copy of concept note in the format attached through email: by Mar 22
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Dr. A.Vamsi Krishna,
Ph. No-011-24363725

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