Call for Proposals: Disney Conservation Fund for Wildlife [Grant Amount Rs. 35L+]: Apply by Oct 18

By: Mrinaal | 20 Sep 2019 9:17 PM

Each year, the Disney Conservation Fund recognizes passionate individuals and teams who are working to save animals and engage their communities in conservation solutions. Nominations are considered once per year, and any organization that has previously received a Disney Conservation Fund grant, is eligible to nominate a Disney Conservation Hero.

Who can Apply

It encourages scientists, students and institutions to work with nonprofit organizations to apply. Only charitable organizations may apply, and organizations must meet eligibility requirements.

The Disney Conservation Fund does not accept applications directly from government agencies and will not fund any budget items that support government officials, staff, agencies, etc. that may be working with your organization on a conservation project.

Colleges and universities may have to apply either through or in conjunction with their school’s foundation or in partnership with another non-profit organization. We accept applications from Ph.D. level faculty focused on long term conservation programs. Graduate students can be involved in the project but cannot be the principal investigator.

How to Apply

To receive an invitation for the grant application year, please complete an application inquiry in the CyberGrants online system which is available here.

Grant Amount

The DCF will consider requests for a maximum of $50,000 (Rs. 3552900 approx.) to be provided over a grant period of two years. Overall budget may be larger and incorporate several financial partners. The budget may be allocated in whatever way makes the most sense for your program; i.e. $30,000 in the first year, $20,000 in the second year, etc.

The Disney Conservation Fund will not award funds at less than 80 percent of the amount requested. For example, if
the requested amount is $50,000, the awarded amount would be no less than $40,000. Most grants are able to be
funded at the full amount requested.

Application Deadline

October 18, 2019



For more information, click here.

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