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Project Positions at TISS Mumbai [13 Vacancies]: Apply by Sep 16

TISS Mumbai invites applications for the following posts. All the posts are for the period of nine months. Honorarium will be commensurate with educational qualifications.

Project coordinator (1)

Approx Rs 75,000 PM

Key Responsibilities: Lead and coordinate between all the programme verticals; Programme facilitation, Monitoring and evaluation; Information management, documentation and knowledge building; Networking and coordination with Government, Municipal Corporation, Voluntary Organisations, CBOs, Subject Experts etc; Human resource management and development; Project management including accounts, finance and administration

Criteria for selection: PhD in social work/ social sciences with at least 15 years of experience of similar work in urban communities/ health issues; Expertise over Marathi, Hindi, English is necessary;

Programme Managers (5)

Approx Rs 50,000 PM

Key responsibilities: to lead and institutionalise one of the five verticals, i.e. a) developing and managing community quarantine and isolation centres b) call and coordination centre c) setting up community governance structures d) needs, gap assessment and knowledge management and e) training and learning.

Criteria for selection: Post graduation/ Graduation with/or relevant experience; expertise on at least one of the above; Skills of programme  management, monitoring, supervision, capacity building; willingness to engage with multiple stakeholders including slum communities

Programme facilitators (4)

Approx Rs 30,000 PM

Key Responsibilities: To lead and facilitate community work; monitoring and coordination with community volunteers; engaging with local leaders to institutionalise the programme; Data collection and survey management;

Criteria for selection: Graduation with/or relevant experience of working with urban poor and community work; Willingness to work in grassroot and with informal settlements, especially in M ward

Programme facilitators (2)

Approx Rs 30,000 PM

Key Responsibilities: To set up and manage community quarantine centres;

Criteria for selection: Graduation with/or relevant experience

Administrative Assistant (1)

Approx Rs 30,000 PM

Key Responsibilities: To provide all necessary administrative assistance for smooth functioning of the project

Criteria for selection: Ability to understand Marathi, Hindi and English, Basic finance and administrative skills; Awareness about institutional systems; relevant experience

How to apply?

Interested candidates can send their updated CV at clap[at]tiss.edu on or before September 16, 2020.

Project Positions at TISS Mumbai.


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