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Programme on Building and Managing Social Enterprises at IRMA, Anand [Feb 6]: Register by Jan 10

This Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) seeks to equip social enterprises (both for and not for profit) in building and managing their enterprise. The EDP will build on contemporary understanding of entrepreneurship globally that encourages start-ups to think and plan activities differently by using insights from innovation, design thinking and lean start-ups for enabling social enterprises to build business models for growth and scale.
The EDP will enable participants to envision and plan their enterprises through opportunity recognition and value creation and also sensitize them to think and work with the larger social entrepreneurial ecosystem of incubators, mentors, coaches, venture capital funds, etc. Potential participants have the added opportunity of receiving mentoring and networking support from IRMA’s incubator – ISEED (Incubator for Social Enterprises and Entrepreneurs Development) supported by DST (Department of Science & Technology).

Who Must Attend

This programme is meant for you, ‘IF YOU ARE’:

  • A founder or co-founder of an existing social enterprise.
  • You are planning to start a social enterprise and have already made some headway and would like to bounce your ideas.
  • A non-profit organization or a senior professional of a CSR foundation keen on starting or supporting social enterprises.
  • Any organizations receiving support from DST’s iSTED or SEED programmes.

Programme Structure
The programme draws on social entrepreneurs, practitioners, mentors and academic who have been involved with (or promoting) social enterprises for over a decade. The sessions would broadly cover the following areas:

  • Thinking entrepreneurially: Entrepreneurship revolves around learning to learn fast, coping with failures and moving from uncertainty to manageable risk.
  • Skilling entrepreneur: Newer skills on entrepreneurship focused on principles of Design Thinking, Lean launch pads and business model canvases would equip entrepreneurs to build and plan their enterprises.
  • Organizing for change: Start-ups and social enterprises often cannot replicate management thinking and ideas of large corporations. They need to be equipped to understand legal structures, explore fundraising and rethink teams and organizational structures.
  • Marketing and communication: Social enterprises need to not just market products or services but also the idea and vision to attract funds, partners and allies. They need to do a lot with limited budgets.
  • Incubation and social entrepreneurial ecosystem: Linking with incubators that provide mentorship, coaching and networking support are critical for entrepreneurs to be able to leverage their innate strengths.

Programme Fee
The programme fee is INR 26,550/- per person. The fee is inclusive of 18% GST (current rate), boarding & lodging (single AC room), tuition fee, reading material, stationery, etc. The fee should be paid in advance through NEFT/RTGS.

Important dates

Interested participants are requested to confirm their participation by January 20, 2020. For further information about the programme, please write to

For more details, click here.

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