Online Program on Trapped Atomic, Molecular & Ionic Systems by ICTS, Bangalore [May 10-22]: Register by Apr 15: Expired


The International Center for Theoretical Sciences (ICTS), Bangalore is organizing an Online Program on Trapped Atomic, Molecular & Ionic Systems from May 10 to 22, 2021.

The International Centre for Theoretical Sciences, a center of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, is a research institute based in Bengaluru, India. Founded in 2007, ICTS has grown from a fledgling institution to a global center of activity in various areas of science.


The goal of this online school and discussion meeting is to update students and researchers with the recent developments in Ultracold Trapped Atomic, Molecular and Ionic systems. The primary emphasis will be on experimental aspects. The unifying underlying theme is the control of quantum states. It is expected that the attendees will imbibe a significant amount of technical know-how from the School, in addition to the physical concepts driving the research. The suffixed Discussion Meeting will provide a platform to showcase some of the latest developments in the field.


The lecture topics are categorized under four categories:

  1. Trapped ion quantum computing and simulation
  2. Rydberg systems
  3. Ultracold molecules and mixtures
  4. Emergent topics in AMO sciences
Who can Attend?

They encourage young researchers and students (who have completed at least 1 year of MSc by May 2021) to participate in this program and to apply online.

How to Apply?

Interested candidates can apply online by clicking here. The last date to register is April 15, 2021.
For full notification, click the link below.

Online Program on Trapped Atomic, Molecular & Ionic Systems by ICTS, Bangalore


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