Professional Certificate in Risk Management of Work Related Injuries Using RAMP by KTH Royal Institute of Technology [Online, 9 Months]: Enroll Now

About the Course

In this Professional Certificate program, learners will become proficient in managing and improving the work environment with regard to preventing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) gained from manual work.

You will learn how to perform systematic risk management from identification and assessment of risks, to the development of solutions and action plans, with the use of RAMP. RAMP is a newly launched tool for the assessment and handling of MSD risks in manual handling jobs.

RAMP stands for Risk Assessment and Management tool for manual handling Proactively. The RAMP tool is unique in its high usability, developed and evaluated scientifically, in close collaboration between industry and researchers from KTH.

What you will learn?
  • How to apply RAMP systematically, and with proficiency perform risk management of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in manual handling jobs
  • Perform MSD risk assessments
  • Develop risk reducing measures
  • Develop and communicate action plans for how to systematically improve the work environment

9 months (1-2 hours per week).


₹30,419 For the full program experience.

To enroll in this course, click the link below.

Risk Management of Work Related Injuries Using RAMP 

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