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Professional Certificate in Model-Based Systems Engineering- MBSE by IsraelX and Technion [3 Months]: Enroll Now

Professional Certificate in Model-Based Systems Engineering- MBSE by IsraelX and Technion [3 Months]: Enroll Now

Israel Technion Professional Certificate
Israel Technion Professional Certificate
About the Program

The program teaches the principles and practice of MBSE – Model-Based Systems Engineering, using Object-Process Methodology – OPM. Conceptual modeling of a system’s requirements, concept, and architecture is a first, critical stage in a successful process of developing any system.

Recognized as ISO 19450, OPM is founded on a simple, universal ontology of objects and processes that transform them. It is a compact graphical and textual modeling language for conceptual modeling of complex systems of all kinds.

Since in OPM objects and processes can be modeled as physical or informatical, it is ideal for modeling cyber-physical systems (CPSs), such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0, where the digital twin is prevalent, and fusing hardware and software is imperative.

The program’s underlying philosophy and guideline are that systems and software engineering are complementary, and a systems engineer must know the principles of both to thrive in the modern Industry 4.0 environment. OPM is key to achieving this engineering education objective because it is geared to easily and naturally specify software-intensive socio-technical systems, which also involve humans in the loop.

Unlike SysML, which has nine kinds of diagrams, OPM has just one. Moreover, OPM represents the model in both graphics and natural language text, catering to the human dual channel processing and facilitating model comprehension.

What you will learn?
  • Identifying and defining objects, processes, and states in a system and the structural and procedural relations among them
  • Modeling the system’s top-level diagram with its function, beneficiary, benefit, stakeholders, and enables – agents and instruments
  • Modeling various kinds of systems, including technological, natural, and complex socio-technical systems
  • Managing system complexity by using refinement-abstraction mechanisms of in-zooming – out-zooming, unfolding – folding, and state expression – suppression.
  • Model-based Systems Engineering: Foundations
  • Model-based Systems Engineering: Advanced Approacher with OPM.

₹19,876, For the full program experience

To enroll in this course, click the link below.

Professional Certificate in Model-Based Systems Engineering – MBSE 

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