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Professional Certificate in Leadership and Management in Education by University of Newcastle, Australia [3 Months, Online]: Enroll Now!

About the Course

The Leadership and Management in Education Professional Certificate program will develop your skills in leading, supporting, and positively transforming learning organizations.

You will acquire skills in

  • leadership techniques
  • coaching
  • communication
  • change management
  • conflict resolution, and
  • stakeholder engagement.

You will learn what high-quality leadership looks like in multiple industry contexts, review current research in educational leadership, and apply your new skills in the workplace. You will craft an organizational vision and develop a personal action plan to implement now, and in the future.

Each course in the program supports the practical application of an evidence-based theoretical framework. The coursework is driven by ground-breaking research teamed with leadership and management capacity building. The Professional Certificate program is registered for teacher professional development with the New South Wales Educational Standards Authority (NESA), Australia.

What you will learn?
  1. Develop a personal leadership philosophy and plan
  2. Analyze the leadership practices and philosophies of current and former organizational leaders
  3. Identify methods to energize your staff towards the creation of efficient and effective organizations
  4. Develop coaching capacities to improve your ability to lead your team
  • Professor John Fischetti Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Education and Arts The University of Newcastle, Australia
  • Dr. Scott Imig Senior Lecturer, School of Education The University of Newcastle, Australia


To enroll in this course, click the link below.

Professional Certificate in Leadership and Management in Education

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    This course hasn’t announced dates yet. Pls keep me informed.

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