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Professional Certificate in Interdisciplinary Sustainable Architecture Assessment by Universitat Politècnica de Valencia [2 Months]: Enroll Now

About the Course

Based on the description of the components of the urban environment development, this program establishes guidelines and gives tools for its quantification and analysis so the practitioner can build a model for the analysis of the impact of the urban environment on sustainability with an integrative sense.

What you will learn?
  • Key elements of the urban environment and its quantification
  • Standards for the assessment of urban sustainability
  • Criteria for multilevel impact analysis
  • Multilevel modeling and evaluation tools
  • Smart cities and decision making
  • Sustainability in Architecture: An Interdisciplinary Introduction
  • Built environment sustainability Assessment

₹8,575, For the full program experience.

To enroll in this course, click the link below.

Professional Certificate in Interdisciplinary Sustainable Architecture Assessment 

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