Professional Certificate in IoT: From Hardware to Practice by ITMO University [Online, 4 Months]: Enroll Now

You will start from the basic tools of the Internet of Things technology and will finish with a high-level programming. During this program you will work on IoT projects with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP32 hardware.

At first part of the program we’ll focus on the IoT basics, like:

  • Definition of IoT devices with use cases and scenarios for IoT;
  • IoT hardware design including Arduino and Espressif SoCs;
  • IoT sensors and actuators, their connectivity and its programmatic control;
  • Programming in C++ general and specific for aforementioned SoCs;
  • IP networking principles for Espressif SoCs.

The second part is about programming solutions and include several topics:

  • IoT network topologies including star and mesh, device to device, device to gateway and device to cloud;
  • 6LoWPan and its relation to IPv4 and IPv6;
  • General information about Bluetooth Scatternet and Bluetooth Mesh (5.0) network topologies;
  • Cellular communication principles and their use in IoT solutions;
  • Information about hardware and operating systems for Raspberry Pi platform;
  • Programming (including GPIO and interfacing sensors and actuators) in Python for Raspberry Pi under Raspbian OS. This includes basic information on OS installation and development environment configuration.

And the last part is about high-level IoT development, like:

  • IoT security and privacy guideline;
  • Several cases of how to find and fix vulnerabilities;
  • Robot Operating System programming introduction;
  • OpenHAB as a common interface for home automatization and IoT;
  • Peer-to-peer device communication.
What you will learn?
  • Practical skills for hardware tuning, like Arduino, ESP32 and Raspberry Pi.
  • Programming skills for IoT application development.
  • Basic principles of data collection and storing.
  • Guidelines for data security and privacy with demonstration of popular cases.
  • Practice in Robot Operating System and it’s connection with OpenHAB for home automation.
  • Decentralized IoT solutions or IoT without infrastructure.
  • A Subjective Introduction to the IoT
  • IoT Networking and Fog Layer Devices
  • Data Management, Data Security and Robot Operating Systems as a Common Tool for IoT.

To know more and enroll for this course, click the link below

Certificate in IoT from Hardware to Practice

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