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Professional Certificate in Global Impact of China’s Economy, Politics and Markets by Enodo Economics [Online, 5 Months]: Enroll Now!

About the Program

China is one of the most misunderstood countries in the world, yet one of the most important to figure out. Its meteoric rise and unique development model have transformed the global economy and financial markets in the past 20 years.

You will learn how the Chinese economy, political system and financial markets work, and how they affect the world economy.

The international order is undergoing a fundamental shift, which we call The Great Decoupling, as the rules of engagement between the aspiring superpower, China, and the existing superpower, the United States, are rewritten. The two countries, under Xi Jinping and Donald Trump, are rapidly drifting apart, a divergence that is set to shape global politics, economics and markets for years to come.

The coronavirus outbreak, which started in Wuhan and turned into a global pandemic as well as Beijing’s response to Covid-19 are set to accelerate the global impact of the Great Decoupling, especially when it comes to international supply chains.

As a financial professional, investor, policymaker or business leader, you will finish this program with a better grasp of how to read China’s leaders, policymakers, regulators and investors.

What you will learn?

  • The analytical frameworks and tools needed to make sense of China and its global impact so you can craft confident investment and risk assessment strategies to succeed both in the Chinese market and globally.
  • A better understanding of China’s leaders and policymakers by learning how the country’s political and institutional systems work.
  • How to recognize key turning points in China’s GDP growth cycle by appreciating the distinct structure of its hybrid economy and the key incentives driving behavior.
  • How to spot investment themes by interpreting China’s industrial policy, long-term social development model and geopolitical aspirations.
  • New insights into how China’s financial markets operate, how Chinese investors think and what they value.


  • Diana Choyleva
    Macroeconomic and Financial Markets Analysis
    Enodo Economics
  • Dinny McMahon
    Banking and Financial Markets Analysis
    Enodo Economics
  • Nigel Inkster
    Geopolitical and Intelligence Analysis
    Enodo Economics

To enroll in this program, click the link below.

Professional Certificate in Global Impact of China’s Economy, Politics and Markets

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