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The SCOSH Club of SVNIT Surat is organising an event named Prakriti for school students.

About SVNIT Surat

Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat popularly known as National Institute of Technology, Surat, NIT Surat or SVNIT, is an engineering institute of higher education established by the Parliament of India in 1961. Its mission is – “To be a globally accepted centre of excellence in technical education catalysing absorption, innovation, diffusion and transfer of high technologies resulting in enhanced quality for all the stake holders”

About SCOSH Club

The Society for Cultivation of Science and Humanities (SCOSH) is a student chapter of SVNIT that aims to develop and nurture scientific temperament among students. They conduct various events year-round to instil the culture of science entertainingly. Our main aim is to build a human stack-exchange and thus build a strong scientific community across the nation.

With their guiding motto, “small steps make a big one” they carry forward our goal of creating a scientific society with a great team. At SCOSH, they integrate our passion for science with other skills such as content writing, management, administration and technical skills. SCOSH has been a witness to many great journeys that started here with a small step and we look forward to being a part of many more.

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Noticebard WhatsApp - Telegram Group
Prakriti Events


Society for cultivation of Science and Humanities (SCOSH); a student chapter of Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology (SVNIT), Surat. They represent a national level science club and as our name suggests, we aim to enhance, inculcate and develop science amongst all.

As we all know that the future of the nation is nourishing inside the young minds of our nation. For them to choose a right path, and be the feedstock of ideas for the future; a guiding path and helping hand is necessary. This is where a unique opportunity “Prakriti” from SCOSH comes into picture. We organise talk sessions, career related webinars, interactive sessions to help them.

They would get a chance to have conversation with faculties of a national level institute; can have a talk session with various experts and renowned personalities. Also, they will witness experience from college students of a national institute like SVNIT, Surat and more importantly, will get a chance to interact with students of different other schools, participating from across the country. On top of this, we host fun activities, competitions, quizzes for the students to keep their spirit up during the entire event.

About Prakriti

Prakriti is a unique opportunity for all the high school students to enhance their skills and put their brains into action at the same time. We have 3 events planned for the event, which include

  • Reel Time Science: A very interesting event in which, participants will have to logically and skilfully answer the questions on the basis of the movie/series/documentary clips shown during the event. Answers will be judged not only on the basis of their academic knowledge, but also on their critical thinking. 
  • Quiz Mania: A classic quizzing event, which brainstorms the ideas and thought process of the young minds of India. Also, in this event, very interesting and mindful questions are set to have the competition at a whole new level. 
  • Picturesque: A unique quizzing cum fun event you have never ever experienced before. A single picture or a set of 2 or 3 or 4 pictures will be shown to the participants and they have to answer quickly on the basis of what the interpret from the event. Its all about thinking and timing and most importantly enjoying while answering. 

In between these events, we have talk sessions and interaction sessions planned for all the participants, where experienced personalities will have interaction with youth age. 

  • Dr. Vipul Kheraj: Associate Professor, Department of Physics – SVNIT, Surat
  • Dr. Urvashi Kaushal: Assistant Professor, Applied Mathematics and Humanities Department – SVNIT, Surat
  • Mr. Pruthul Desai: Principal, School – Surat
Prakriti Speakers

For all the events planned, Top 3 Performers from each event will be awarded with prizes and certificates. Apart from this, Top 20 students will be provided with participation certificate from each event.


High School Students: Classes 8, 9 and 10.


  • To register for this event, click here.
  • There are no registration fees for the event.


Om Desai: 7016702242
Sidharth Ramesh: 8139880314
Email: svnit.scosh[at]

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