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POST EVENT UPDATE: Hult Prize: Entrepreneurial Program by TIET, Patiala

Hult Prize, also known as the Nobel Prize for students, is an international initiator for social-impact startups. This foundation believes in the notion and vanity of students to work on a pressing global issue and therby build their enterprise keeping in mind all the problems and alternatives related to the setback. This competition run in participation with United Nations challenges students to work their way up the ladder of social entrepreneurship.

This year Hult Prize foundation started its programme in TIET, Patiala under the headship of Dhruv Taneja who was selected as the Campus Director for the same. The topic for this year was selected as ‘Food for Good’ under which the participants were to build their idea around this stumbling block captivating all the problems starting from its production to its availability. 

To unleash their inner self-belief and conviction the participants were provided with regular counseling and guidance through well conducted workshops. The first one being The Startup Canvas with Saurabh Jain, VP, Paytm and the next two were addressed by Surendra Tipparaju, Senior Director, Microsoft and Raj Kapoor, Founder, Indian Blockchain Alliance.

The preliminary round of this competition had its on-campus finale on 6th December 2020 through which top 3 teams where selected and one of them will get an opportunity to go to the next round and showcase their idea on a larger scale. 

The on-campus finale was then followed by an extremely animated panel discussion. The  panel for this summit compromised of corporate bigwigs and ambitious parsonage who have made their way past all hurdles into this world of social entrepreneurship.

The credit for bringing all these corporate bigwigs on the same stage goes to Dhruv Taneja who showed his extreme drudgery and knack to make this summit viable to all the students of his institute. The esteemed panel for this summit included

  • Surendra Tipparaju, Senior Director, Microsoft
  • Radha Abrol, Managing Director, Accenture
  • Ritesh Jain, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Digital Technology, HSBC
  • Ashok Ramachandran, President, Schindler South Asia & India
  • Parag Rastogi, Director, Times Group
  • Parvez Siraj, Director, Cipla
  • Sandeep Das, Bestselling Author & Director, PwC
  • Amardeep Sibia, Founder, and formerly Vice President, Goldman Sachs
  • Rohit Kataria, Senior Commercial Director, Corning Incorporated
  • Harshit Vyas, Chief Operating Officer, Oyo
  • Radhika Batra, Founder, Every Infant Matters; Forbes 30u30

The summit was a trailblazing success where all the panel came down to discuss their relationship with social entrepreneurship and its effect on their professional workspace. They made sure to give the audience an insight into the world of emerging startups and gave their honest feedback on the path that is conventionally less followed.

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