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Post Doctoral Fellowships at IISER Tirupati [₹ 47K/Month]: Apply by Nov 14: Expired

IISER Tirupati has an active Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship (PDRF) Program to enable highly motivated young researchers to conduct research in the frontier areas of Science and Technology.

These positions are open for candidates with 0-5 years of experience after obtaining Ph.D. degree in related areas. Candidates who have submitted their thesis and awaiting award of degree may also apply.

Candidates should provide evidence of having carried out high quality research during or after their Ph. D. program. The award will be initially for one year, with an extension for one more year after review of performance.

PDRFs have to get associated with a specific research group depending upon the research and facilities /mentorship required to carry-out research.


Fellowship: Rs. 47,000/- p.m + HRA as per GoI rules if the candidate produces the Ph. D. Certificate. Otherwise, Rs. 35,000/- p.m + HRA as per GoI rules for those candidates whose Ph. D. degree is awaited; however, the candidate has to produce a letter from competent authority by stating that the thesis has been submitted and the final viva/defence is pending. Nominal research grant will be available under this program.

Post Doctoral Openings Available


Applications are invited for PDRFs in Mathematics in the following areas of research:

  1. Algebraic Geometry (Prof. D. S. Nagaraj)
  2. Number Theory, Complex Geometry (Dr. Anilatmaja Aryasomayajula)
  3. Algebraic and Differential Topology (Dr. Subhash B)
  4. Riemannian Geometry (Dr. Gururaja H A)
  5. Algebraic Geometry, Vector Bundles (Dr. Souradeep Majumder)
  6. Harmonic Analysis, Functional Analysis (Dr. R. Lakshmi Lavanya)
  7. Algebraic Geometry, Algebraic Topology, K-theories (Dr. Girja Shanker Tripathi)
  8. Number Theory, Galois Representations (Dr. Shalini Bhattacharya)

For Mathematics: Submit your application online here.


Applications are invited for PDRFs in Chemistry in the following areas of research:

  1. 2D Materials and electrochemistry (Prof. Vijayamohanan Pillai)
  2. Materials for batteries and supercapacitors (Dr. V. Aravindan)
  3. Materials for energy (Dr. Janardan Kundu)
  4. Theoretical and computational chemistry (Dr. Padmabati Mondal)
  5. Theoretical and computational modeling of soft matter (Dr. Rakesh S. Singh)
  6. Synthesis and magnetic properties of metal complexes (Dr. Arun Kumar Bar)

For Chemistry: Submit your application online here.


Applications are invited for PDRFs in Biology in the following areas of research:

  1. Infection biology and host-pathogen interactions (Dr. Suchi Goel)
  2. Chromosome inheritance and genome stability during the formation of gametes (Dr. Viji Subramanian)

Dr. Viji’s lab uses mainly budding yeast as a model. The eligible candidate should be well versed in molecular biology, cell biology and genetics. Knowledge of genomics and bioinformatics is a plus.

For Biology: Submit your application online here.

  1. Dr. Arunima Banerjee: Galaxy Astrophysics (Theory/Observation), Dark Matter, Data Science in Astronomy & Astrophysics; Qualification: Ph.D. in Physics or Engineering
  2. Dr. Chitrasen Jena: Experimental and phenomenological studies of QCD matter in high energy heavy-ion collisions. Applicants are required to have a Ph.D. in high energy nuclear or particle physics, with a strong background in the data analysis and/or phenomenological studies
  3. Dr. Dileep Mampallil: Soft matter Physics (Experiment): Soft matter and biomicrofluidics. Qualification: Ph.D. in Biology, Chemistry,
    Engineering, or Physics. Candidates having relevant experience with interdisciplinary interests in microfluidics for biological applications are preferred.
  4. Dr. Sunil Kumar S: Atomic and Molecular Physics: Spectroscopy of atomic and molecular ions in gas-phase, ionmolecule reactions (Experimental) & Quantum chemistry calculations of atomic and molecular species in gas-phase (Theory). Qualification: Ph.D. in Physics, Engineering, or Physical Chemistry. Candidates having experience in vacuum systems, lasers, electrical and electronic equipment, and data acquisition are preferred for the experimental position.
  5. Dr. Tapan Chandra Adhyapak: Active matter theory, propulsion and dynamics of microswimmers. Qualificaiton: Ph.D. in Physics or any relevant subject. A candidate with a sound knowledge of Statistical Physics and experience with computations will be preferred.

For Physics: Submit your application online here.

The deadline to apply is Nov 14, 2019.

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