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JOB POST: Post Bachelor Fellowship by IHME, USA: Apply by Jan 6


The Post-Bachelor Fellowship (PBF) is a structured health research program where individuals can apply their knowledge and passion to help advance the field of health metrics and accelerate global health progress. This fellowship provides a unique opportunity for recent college graduates with strong quantitative skills to train with faculty and senior researchers on a variety of public health projects.

The PBF program combines academic research, education, and professional work with progressive on-the-job training and mentoring from a renowned group of professors and researchers. Through research, training workshops, coursework, and field experience in developing countries, the program aims to produce the next generation of scholars and leaders in global health measurement and evaluation.

Who can Apply
  • Bachelor’s degree (and no previous graduate-level training)
  • Proven quantitative and analytical skills
  • A strong interest in pursuing academic or professional careers related to population and global health
  • Authorized to work in the US (please note: we are not able to sponsor visas for this position)
  • No background in global health or a related field is required
How to Apply

To apply online, click here.

You will also require the following documents:

  • Resume (two-page limit)
  • Academic transcript
  • One letter of reference from a professor/professional familiar with your coursework or research
  • Analytical-thinking exercise (1 hour long)
  • Brief goal statement (500-word maximum) on how your skills, experience, and long-term career goals contribute to your candidacy
  • Brief personal statement (300-word maximum) in response to one of the three prompts below:
    1. To be successful, Post-Bachelor Fellows must be resilient and resourceful. Discuss a challenge or failure you have faced and how you have sought to embrace or overcome it. (300 word maximum)
    2. The IHME team is passionate and diverse. Describe your background, an interest, hobby, or talent that is an important part of who you are. (300 word maximum)
    3. Post-Bachelor Fellows are constantly learning. Share an experience that led you to question one of your beliefs or ideas. What came of this experience? (300 word maximum)
Application Deadline

January 6, 2020



For more information, click here.

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