How to Deal With Politics When You Move From School to College

When you enter college from high school, you think you are prepared for politics because you’ve surpassed several Regina George characters in real life. Maybe not as well-dressed or groomed but definitely with sour sitting upon her pupils, and mocking everyone one eye-roll at a time.

Politics is much more than a Mean Girls’ screening.

College is going to be really tough at times. Apart from studies, rejections, and fights, politics induced losses will bug you a lot (pun intended).

It starts at a very basic level. From queen bees of the class (not necessarily girls) that you’ll be intimidated by, to the society heads that will constantly drown you in a pile of work just to experiment your worth: it is a bumpy ride.

And sadly, to those who butter their way smooth, it is seldom a similar situation because, in an institution where teenagers are struggling to seek validation, a praising loquacious person is always helpful.

There’s nepotism of sorts and definitely, lots of partial decisions are taken. But the good part about college is that despite all this, you have the autonomy to keep working on and for yourself.

Most of this working will happen outside of your books and classes because college is much more about societies, competitions, and exposure than academics (I’m not sure I speak for everyone, though).

But the most important part of college is learning, and when has one learnt with open books and a shut mind?

There are different contests in and around college, and online, there are concerts to go to and fests to enjoy, and there is a whole world out there for you to dive into. So, politics, no matter how bad it gets, shall only be secondary in there. You just need to have trust and work through things.

Nevertheless, there’s a tip I’ll drop here so you can pick it up if and when you need it: Never talk to anyone in an undermining way, NO MATTER WHAT. There are several reasons for me to say this, but to top them all, as selfish as it might seem, is the chance of vengeance, which can go really far.

Another very important one is the lack of awareness of a backdrop. Everyone is going through something in college and they will appreciate it if you dealt with it nicely. And so will you.

Being nice will pay back in college more times than not because politics will also be the roots of the most unexpected relationships to bloom. Or at least, so I hope.

And most importantly, politics in college will become indispensable from your growth even after being so closely knit with you.

School politics is more troubling because of the restrictions of chances, growth, etc. thus making it easier to deal with college partisanship, which is to say you can always step back and say you want out.

Politics from school to college

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