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PeaceX Webinar on Technology and Education: Bridging the Needs of the 21st Century [Oct 18, 9:30 PM]: Registration Open

About the PeaceX Organisation

PeaceX is an international amity and peace organisation that affirms to strive for the morals of harmonious coexistence and positive multifaceted development of peoples with a cooperative consortium of youth across the world. Our series of Virtual Rendezvous-webinars cover a range of themes including but not limited to Peace, Well-being, Sustainable Development, Policy, Literacy, Environmentalism and Fake News.

About the Webinar

PeaceX is organising its LIVE webinar on the theme: Technology and Education: Bridging the needs of the 21st Century” with our Guest Speaker, Mr Lester Philipp Vargas Angeles. This is a part of the PeaceX Education Weekend webinar under our exclusive ’17 for 75′ series, commemorating the 75th anniversary of the United Nations.

  • Date: October 18, 2020 (Sunday)
  • Time: 9:30 PM IST
  • Platform: PeaceX Community Group | Facebook Live
  • Eligibility: Open for all
  • E-certificates provided | No registration fees
About the Theme

“The World Bank estimated the levels of “Learning Poverty” across the globe by measuring the number of 10-year old children who cannot read and understand a simple story by the end of primary school. In low- and middle-income countries “learning poverty” stands at 53%, while for the poorest countries, this is 80% on average. With the spread of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), 180+ countries have mandated temporary school closures, leaving ~1.6 billion children and youth out of school. 85% of children world-wide are affected.”

With a sharp increase in ‘learning poverty during the pandemic, the use of technology has not only become highly essential, it has also become multi-faceted. With a reimagination of technology to proliferate better opportunities and choices to the masses, there is an urgent need to reimagine technology in context of education too. Accessibility, adaptability and applicability are the 3 As of better learning that address one of the most significant problems infesting upon the sustenance of needs, a sharp ‘digital divide’. With 30% of households of primary-aged students in Africa having access to a radio (World Bank), 20% Indians are said to be digitally literate (NSO Survey on Digital Education Divide). How can we avert such illiteracy? Is the averting of this illiteracy the key to education for the 21st Century?

About the Speaker

Mr Lester Philipp Vargas Angeles is a Full Stack Developer, Tech Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of FractalUp. In 2013, Lester co-founded FractalUp: the Live Digital Learning SaaS that humanity needs to empower their educational systems worldwide, using AI that is becoming an essential part of our new normal. His work has been recognized through his nomination as a Forbes 30 under 30 Fellow in Education in 2015 and then his 2-year consecutive nomination to the ‘Oscar of Education’ 2018-2020 by QS World University Rankings and Wharton in the UK.

His work has been recognized by: MIT, Qatar Foundation (World Innovation Summit for Education), Tec. de Monterrey, Intel; and finalist in: ICT Prizes (UNESCO), Early Childhood Authority (ECA) in Abu Dhabi, UNICEF and Expo2020 Dubai. In September 2020, the IDB selected FractalUp as the Most Innovative Startup of Pacific Alliance of Covid-19 Challenge.

How to Register?

Interested participants can register for the webinar through this link.


For any query, contact us at

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