PeaceX Webinar on Development with Green-Thumbs: The Balance between Urbanisation and Environment [Nov 7]: Register Now!

The PeaceX Webinar on Development with Green-Thumbs: The Balance between Urbanisation and Environment is organised by Nov 7, 2020.

About the PeaceX Organisation

PeaceX is an international amity and peace organisation that affirms to strive for the morals of harmonious coexistence and positive multifaceted development of peoples with a cooperative consortium of youth across the world. Our series of Virtual Rendezvous-webinars cover a range of themes including but not limited to Peace, Well-being, Sustainable Development, Policy, Literacy, Environmentalism and Fake News.

About the Webinar

The PeaceX Webinar on “Development with Green-Thumbs: The Balance between Urbanisation and Environment” is organised on November 7, 2020 (Saturday) at 11:00 AM GMT.

About the Theme

Shelter is a basic human need, and a safe abode is a fundamental right. Current estimates posit that by 2050, two-thirds of the global population will live in cities, given the trend of urbanisation. However, the present is confronted with an irony: population increase necessitates more space, yet, the unprecedented rise of sea-level due to climate change threatens to inundate low-lying cities. Thus, it is crucial to strike a harmony between human settlement and the domain of nature.

Urbanisation, if planned properly, can be spelled in nature’s favor. The rise of skyscrapers and vertically-inclined buildings reduce the encroachment of human settlements to natural ecosystems. More so, the economic clusters achieved by such concentration of the population mean better interaction between firms and industries leading to economic development. The problem starts when there is a dissonance between opportunities and population influx as it creates slum communities. In addition, urban places requires tremendous energy requirement to power. Hence, attention should be given to harness the advantages of urbanisation while minimizing its negative effects most especially to the environment.

About the Guest Speaker

Our Guest Speaker for the webinar is Ms. Mariama Djambony Badji, a civil engineer, volunteer, and youth leader from Senegal. Ms. Badji is the Co-Founder and CEO of DNA SARL, a construction company that offers living environments using available natural and local materials.

As an engineer, she is passionate about the environment and she firmly believes that environmental protection will only be possible through the commitment of everyone. On the level of praxis, her works involve the construction of safe, comfortable, and eco-friendly housing.

Since 2015, she has been volunteering with Africa Feliz Senegal, a non-profit association that aims to fight against poverty and irregular emigration through skills training for young people and women. They organize training in remote areas in Senegal to promote the empowerment of girls and women. Two years ago, she supervised the construction of a brand-new building entirely made with earth bricks at Polytechnic School of Dakar, the biggest polytechnic school of Senegal.

How to Register?
  • Interested participants can register for the webinar through this link.
  • E-certificates will be provided to the participants who attend the webinar.


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