CfP: National Seminar on Gender Stereotyping in Occupational Choices [March 9, Vadodara]: Submit by March 2: Expired

Parul University seminar gender stereotyping

Parul University, Vadodara is organising a National Seminar on “Gender Stereotyping in Occupational Choices: Women in India” on 9th March, 2019, Saturday. This event is being sponsored by the National Commission for Women, New Delhi.

About the Seminar

Gender as a norm has confined women to certain roles in the society. With the patriarchal system, it ensured protection of interests of the male sex. The same ensured a discriminative system against women resulting in a persistent discrimination, segregation, exclusion and violence, often conveniently propagated with an assumed normalcy.

The discrimination has been in their personal and public space, workplace and access to them, contributing to continual marginalization in their daily lives. Social constructs, like gender, have defined specific roles to women, which has stifled and often confined them to child-rearing and household chores.

Changing scenarios have brought in several laws that identify and recognize newer dimensions to the socio-political and economic rights of women, thereby facilitating spaces that recognize them as valuable individuals in the society and nations’ growth. However, the patriarchal mindset continues to create barriers that hinder their free, unhindered exercise of their rights.

The seminar aims to serve as a platform for research scholars, academicians, and activists, civil society groups, having interest and working towards women ’s rights. It also seeks to have individuals from diverse backgrounds to discuss issues that hinder the occupational and career choices of women, which has resulted in gender-specific job roles.

Such discussions should critically analyse the existing gender-biases in different occupations. The seminar intends to raise awareness of gender as a factor in occupational choices and will critically analyze the factors that have hindered the career choices of women in the contemporary scenario.  The objective of the seminar is to review the existing system, and developing sustainable solutions through works from diverse fields and disciplines.

Who is it for

Any student, research scholars, academicians, professionals, activists, civil society groups, having interest and working towards women’s rights


Papers and poster are invited under following themes:

  • Hindrances and Barriers-Gender as a reason for exclusionary spaces
  • Accessing education-Enrolment, representation and participation
  • Access to Higher education-Barriers, Gaps and Exclusion
  • Women at work-Representation, career stability and Growth
  • Gender-stereotyped jobs, professions and industries
  • Negotiations and voices-Narratives in present times
  • Gender and gender expression-New identities and perspectives
  • Gendering policies-Interventions and Solutions

The above-mentioned themes are only indicative and any paper/poster relevant to the main theme of the seminar may be submitted.


Vadodara, Gujarat

Registration Procedure

Registration for the Seminar can be done through this link or by offline mode through the registration form.

Fee Details

Academicians/ Professionals: Rs. 1000/-

Students/ Research Scholars: Rs. 500/-


Submission of abstracts: 02nd March 2019

Full paper submission: 09th March 2019


Email id:

  • Mr. Jimmy Jose: +91 7802914805 / +91 8447104525
  • Ms. Anuradha Gharge+91 9979793251
Click here for official website.

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