O P Jindal University Parliamentary Debate [Sonepat, Sep 13-15] : Registrations Open

O.P Jindal University, Sonepat is back with their 3-3 Parliamentary Debate in their lavish campus in Sonepat.
The parliamentary debate at O P Jindal university is one of the best and lavish in India.
Parliamentary debates are the best kind of debates which are being organised in India. They are of two types viz. Asian Parliamentary debate and British Parliamentary debate.
The pattern of Asian parliamentary debate is so that it can test both your spontaneous oratory skills  as well as knowledge.
In the Asian Parliamentary format there are 2 teams of 3 speakers each. The team that supports the topic is called the Government and the team that opposes the topic is called the Opposition. Each speaker speaks for 7 minutes, in alternating order.
First speaker from Governement, then first speaker from Opposition, then second speaker from Government, then second speaker from Opposition and so on. At the end of these 6 speeches, each team can make a shorter Reply speech, for minutes.
Either the first or second speaker of each team will have the chance to make this speech. This time the Opposition will start, followed by the Government.
The final element if this format is called Points of Information. These are short interjections (questions, comments, statements etc) – usually less than 15 seconds long that the opposite team can offer the speaker who is speaking.
So for example, during the first speaker on the Government’s speech, any speaker on the Opposition can rise up and offer a question, by saying “Point of Information!”. The Government speaker can then choose to accept or not accept the point (although he should accept at least 1 during his speech).  This adds some interactivity to the debate.
October 13th to 15th.
Core adjudicators:
As they looked to make the parliamentary debate, O P Jindal university bigger and better than it has ever been, they have invited stellar core adjudicators.

  1. Varshini Venkatesh
  2. Dan Lahav

and rest will be notified soon here.
O P Jindal University, Sonepat, Haryana.
To register or for any other queries, contact through their Facebook page given here.

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