Webinar on Dynamics of Parents-Child Relationship [April 20-21]: Free Event; Registrations Open

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The knot with parents is quite unique and special. At different stages of life, it gets colored with judgement, expectations, misunderstanding, rebellion and so on for both parents and children. Each color provides us an opportunity to unravel the knot and turn it into a delicate yet strong thread that might allow us to dance in togetherness.

Inviting you to series of interactive & working sessions, holding space for you and your parents to listen, be vulnerable and share what is needed. It is a humble invitation to explore closely the dynamics of Parents-Child Relationship.

Date: 20th & 21st April Time: 4:30pm Sharp – 6:30pm

Venue : Zoom (Link will be sent on confirmation email)

What does the session involve?

Session 1 – Opening up of safe space for listening to the parent, listening to the child, and acknowledging each other’s stories & dynamics

Session 2 – Voicing out the dynamics & struggles, and some simple frameworks to be playful with what’s in between us

Hosted by: Nitin Paranjape and Rahul Hasija

Nitin Paranjape is one of the founders of Swaraj University & Abhivyakti Media for Development, Nasik. For more than 30 years, his passion has been around supporting community media for deeper personal reflection and social dialogue in local communities. He teaches Psychology at an Architecture College in Nasik and continues to follow his keen passion of interacting with youth, empowering others to harness love, and observe deeper thought patterns.

Rahul Hasija is a writer, story-teller, and an enthusiast nature observer. He has worked with many schools, organizations and companies on ‘alternative learning methodologies, expressions and communication, nature conservation. From last 7 years, he has been facilitating at Swaraj University creating safe spaces for the learners to share, opening up portals to understand diverse perspectives on ecology, community living and systems thinking. He has recently designed some set of cards called ‘Swa-Cardz’ to facilitate deeper conversations. More about him at this page.

Important Information

  1. ‘Child’ for these sessions refers to anyone beyond 12 years of Age.
  2. Both sessions are co-related and one leads to another. However, if you are only able to do just one for some reason, we recommend the first one on 20th.
  3. The session is open to attend for both Parents & Children. Rather we recommend that you get your parents. Those who can’t get their children or parents can still participate.
  4. Session on 20th demands your one-on-one interaction with parents. Best is to only do it with one parent (either mother or father).
  5. Choose a place/room that is quite, gives you both ample space to sit together and talk without disturbance.
  6. Please bring a copy & pen for each one from your family.
  7. Admission to the call will close after 15 mins of beginning of each call. Please be on time.


This session does not have a cost to it. However, if you wish to contribute us in any way, please support our fundraising campaign ‘Bridge Karo Na’ to support courageous souls on front-line relief work, who can further support communities at distress. Here’s the link.

To register for this event, click this link.



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