Call for Papers: Regimentation in Literature: Critical Perspective by North Bengal University: Submit by April 30: Expired


Authentic, scholarly, and unpublished research papers are invited from academicians and writers for publication in an edited volume. The volume will be published with an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) by a reputed National Publisher. The proposed title of the volume is Regimentation in Literature: Critical Perspective.


Regimentation occurs when a supremacy disclosure or social hegemonic group whether it may be religion, orthodoxy, patriarchy, etc does not regard the individuality of an individual and forces them to act in the same way or manner. The following perspectives are hence focused:

  • Regimentation from a feminist perspective
  • Regimentation from a religious perspective
  • Regimentation from Socio-Political perspective
  • Physical, Emotional Regimentation
  • Regimentation due to race, ethnicity, Colour, Caste, and Class
  • Regimentation on and after losing identity
  • Diaspora=Identity Crisis and Problems
  • Any other relevant topic
Call for Submissions
  1. Only electronic submission via email via email will only be accepted for the submission and authors are strcitly requested to follow the submission guidelines.
  2. Manuscript must be well written in english and ther file should be in Microsoft Word Format (preferably word 2007). Paper Size-A4, Font & Size-Times New Roman, & 12. The title must be in 14 point Size, bold.
  3. The word limit is 2500 to 4000 words. Plagiarism should be avoided,
  4. The author must give a self declaration that the paper is an original work and he/she has not published it or sent it for publication anywhere else.
  5. A brief bio note of 150 papers of the respective author should also be attached.
  6. Candidates are requested to email their papers to
  7. The last date for sending your submissions is April 30, 2020.

Phone Number: 9476142868

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