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Online Workshop Series on Mental Health for COVID Relief [June 27-July 2]: Registrations Open

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Light Up (EMF) and Unbottle Emotions are organizing an Online Workshop Series on Mental Health for COVID Relief from 27th June to 2nd July (1-hour time slots – 5 PM to 8 PM) to extend community solidarity as all proceeds go to charity.

Light Up – Emotions Matter Foundation is a not-for-profit in Delhi/ NCR – India has been advocating the need to practice Emotional Intelligence through Social-Emotional Learning Programs for the last 3 years.


These are informative sessions across the themes of mental health challenges throughout various communities and intersectionalities. These address the issues of trauma, emotional well being, gender, consent, and self-harm, among many more.


1. Mapping Emotions through Doodling by Jasleen Kaur (June 27, 12-1 PM)
About the Speaker

Jasleen just completed her Masters in Human Development and Childhood Studies from Lady Irwin College, University of Delhi. She’s a fellow at Light Up who has worked with children from high-risk spaces like juvenile home and sex workers community for their socio-emotional needs for some time now.

She is passionate about working for the mental health and emotional well-being of children and adolescents from an early age.

Session Details

This workshop/ session will help you map your emotions and build emotional resilience through the means of doodling. Doodling is a skill-independent, judgment-free pleasurable activity that we all have engaged in at some point in our lives at the back of our notebooks. Doodling is proven to make us feel happy and regarded and it is an excellent tool for the effective release of various emotions.


2. Online Violence Against Women by Rai Sengupta (June 27, 5-6 PM)
About the Speaker

Rai Sengupta is a national level keynote speaker and human rights advocate. A graduate of Economics from Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi, Rai is a development consultant by profession and works with an international development consultancy firm- IPE Global Limited, in New Delhi. She brings a rich blend of policy and field experience across India and the globe.

Session Details

With the onset of technology, online violence against women has emerged as the newest threat to female self-expression. This session will dissect online violence against women in detail- it will cover the triggers, the types, and the socio-psychological consequences of such harassment. The session will be interactive and invite experience sharing and will conclude with suggestions to combat this threat.


3. How To Build Confidence Through Creative Thinking by Chhaya Dabas (June 27, 6-7 PM)
About the Speaker

A writer, an entrepreneur, a teacher, a cancer survivor, and a TedX and a UN speaker, Chhaya Dabas is the founder of Baatein – a creative and for-purpose organization that facilitates communications and skill development through workshops, poetry and storytelling engagements, podcasts and content provision.

Session Details

We have all seen our confidence take a hit in these uncertain times. The focus of this session is not rebuilding it instantly but to develop a strong reflection capacity and resilience to better deal with uncertain times. Through thought-provoking and discussion courses, this workshop sharpens your ability to think, reflect, and understand.


4. Mental health, the Law, Intersectionality and Community Care by Vandita Morarka (June 29, 6-7 PM)
About the Session

Founder/CEO of One Future Collective, Vandita is a 25-year-old queer activist, lawyer, and a rights-based policy consultant, strategist and facilitator. Vandita is the Founder and CEO of One Future Collective – a feminist youth-led not for profit based in India with the mission of nurturing radical kindness in people.

Session Details

The workshop will be covering the following pointers:

  • Indian law around Mental Health, primarily the Mental Healthcare Act.
  • Understanding systems of oppression, Intersectionality, and mental health.
  • What community care for mental health can look like.


5. Letter to Emotion by Juhi Sharma (June 29, 7-8 PM)
About the Speaker

Juhi Sharma is the founder and CEO of Light Up, Emotions Matter Foundation. It is one of the first few social ventures that is advocating the need to practice Emotional Intelligence in the form of Social-Emotional Learning Workshops for the underserved population focusing on developing their social and emotional competencies.

Session Details

Letter To Emotions is a flagship workshop facilitated by Juhi Sharma, Founder of, Light Up Emotions Matter Foundation.

In this workshop, we intend to help you: Identify, understand and manage your emotions:

  • Unwind and reconnect with the inner self
  • Feel more at peace with your thoughts
  • Learn how to process emotions
  • Understand Positive vs Negative Emotions


6. Overthinking Simplified by Anindita Anand  (June 30, 6-7 PM)
About the Speaker

Anindita is a trained NLP practitioner and personal growth coach and therapist who has been catering to issues like clinical depression, aggression, anxiety disorders, etc. She has a very experiential approach to her sessions and she is focused on co-learning along with the participants.

Session Details

The session will include:

  • understanding the process of overthinking
  • understanding causes of overthinking
  • experiencing and practicing one or more techniques to manage rapid thoughts.


7. Understanding Suicide, covering Factors that lead to, Intervention Strategies and Gender Roles with regards to suicide by Manavi Khurana (June 30, 6-7 PM)
About the Speaker

Born in New Delhi, Manavi Khurana completed all of her high school education in India. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from University at Albany, SUNY, New York with a Major in Psychology & a minor in Women’s Studies & Education, & a Masters in Applied Psychology from New York University, Manhattan.

Session Details

The Webinar will cover:

  • Understanding Suicidal Behaviour
  • Risk Factors & Protective Factors of Suicide
  • Assessment of Suicidal Behaviour


8. Expressive Arts: Witness Role in Trauma Work by Devika Mehta (June 30, 7-8 PM)
About the Speaker

Devika Mehta is a practicing Dance Movement Psychotherapist (R-DMP) registered with the Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapy, UK (ADMP(UK)), and IADMT. She holds a Masters in Dance Movement Psychotherapy from the UK, in Clinical Psychology, and in Indian Folk Dance from Mumbai.

Session Details

The session will explore the gamut of Witness Roles and how being a “witness” to the course of change be it because of the pandemic, political upheaval, social differences, one can experience psychological impact at a deeper level.


9. Understanding Mental Health and Processing Emotions during Uncertain Times by Aanchal Narang (July 1, 7-8 PM)
About the Speaker

Aanchal Narang queer affirmative therapist, trainer specializes in working with gender, sexuality trauma, and addiction. Has trained over 100 mental health professionals in queer affirmative counseling practices. Works with multiple NGOs for intervention planning & raising funds.

Session Details

The workshop will cover:

  •  understanding emotions
  • processing emotions
  • understanding the impact of emotions on mental health and daily life
  • ways to cope in today’s stressful times.


10. Who Does The Dishes?! by Gender Lab (Shruthi and Aleena Varghese) (July 1, 5-6:30 PM)
About the Speakers

Shruthi is a Potterhead and a creative soul at heart, she leads The Gender Lab Fellowship. She loves exploring parts of herself through reading and traveling. Aleena Varghese is a feminist with an interest in the field of education and is the program coordinator of The Gender Lab Boys Program in Delhi.

Session Details

The session will be aimed at understanding and exploring gender stereotypes and unpaid care work from a feminist perspective. It will also explore gender roles and stereotypes through information and reflection based activities.


11. Ask Me Anything Session on Entrepreneurship by Zeeshan (July 2, 6-7 PM)
About the Speakers

Zeeshan is the CEO and Co-Founder of MyCaptain. His vision has always been to impact Education and bring a societal mindset shift in how careers and skilling is looked at in India and other Developing Nations.

Session Details

Ask Me Anything Session on Entrepreneurship.  He will be answering questions around Student Entrepreneurship, Getting your first customers, Fundraising, Incubation, Product Development, Finding your first team/Co-Founders, Coming up with an idea.


12. Hello Netaji! by Anish Gawande (July 2, 7-8 PM)
About the Fellowship

Anish Gawande is a writer and translator. He is the director of the Dara Shikoh Fellowship and the curator of Pink List India. Gawande graduated with a degree in comparative literature and society from Columbia University and is currently a Rhodes Scholar pursuing a degree in intellectual history at Oxford University.

Session Details

Hello, Netaji makes holding your elected representatives an easy process! Introducing Pink List India’s State of the QUnion platform, the session will be geared towards all those who want to know about the intersection of queerness, politics, and technology.


13. Meditating with Watercolours – Learning Basics and Painting Botanicals by PaperBaag (Sumedha) (July 2, 5-6 PM)
About the Speaker

As an economist and the co-founder of a brand called ‘PaperBaag’, Sumedha has always felt that her work should be about the means of being the change, of being able to reduce both gender-based and environmental inequality from our societies.

Session Details

This workshop is designed to take you with us on a beautiful journey into the world of watercolors and help you create an environment that is all about freedom and happiness. We will learn the basics of this medium and then understand how to paint botanicals with watercolors.


  • Candidates interested to attend any of the above workshops, need to register online.
  • Each workshop is charged at Rs. 250/-.
  • To make your payment for the workshops, click here.
  • Once the payment has been made, confirm the same by clicking here.
  • All proceeds go towards our relief work in Sanjay Camp, Chanakyapuri, GB Road, and Juvenile Homes.
  • All participants will be updated with the relief work reports and a certificate of participation.


For official details, click the link below.

Online Workshop Series on Mental Health for COVID Relief.



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