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Online STC on Hands-on for Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning & Deep Learning by NIT Warangal [Nov 22- Dec 1]: Register by Nov 22: Expired

Registrations are open for Online STC on Hands-on for Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning & Deep Learning by NIT Warangal on 22 Nov- 1 Dec 2021.


  • Introduction: Getting Started, Keywords and Identifiers,Python Operators, Python Namespace, Python I/O and import, Statements & Comments, Python Variables, Python Datatypes, Python Type Conversion,
  • Python Flow Control: Python if…else, Python for Loop, Python while LoopPython break and continue Python Pass
  • Python Functions: Python Functions, Function Argument, Python RecursionAnonymous Function, Global, Local and Nonlocal, Python
    Global Keyword, Python Modules, Python Package.
  • Python Files: Python File Operation, Python Directory, Python ExceptionPython Exception Handling, Python User-defined Exception
  • Python Object & Class:- Python OOP, Python Class, Python Inheritance, Python Operator Overloading.
  • Python Advanced Topics:-PythonIterator, Python Generator, Python Closure, Python Decorators, Python Property, Python Reg Ex, Python Example. ANN, Back Propogation, RNN, Types of RNN, Deep RNN and Bidirectional LSTM.
  • Softwares: Jupiter Notebooks, Anaconda, Tensorflow, CUDA.
  • Packages: Pandas, Numpy, and Matplotlib.
  • Artificial Learning: Artificial Narrow Intelligence, Artificial General Intelligence, Artificial super Intelligence, Challeges and opportunities in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Machine Learning: Supervised, Un Supervised, ReinForcement learning. Challeges and opportunities in Macchine Learning.
  • Supervised: Regression, Classification.
  • Un- Supervised: Clustering, Association.
  • Deep Learning: Conventional Neural Networks, Recursive Neural Networks, Generative adversarial networks, Deep Natural language Processing.


Upon the completion of the STC the participants/trainee can understand/Gain knowledge in solving the real world problems in AI, ML and DL.


The Programme is open to all Faculty/Research Scholars/ Industry Professionals M.Tech/MCA/MBA/Engineering/Degree Polytechnic and other eligible students can register the course.


  • Interested candidates can register via this page.
  • Registration Deadline: 22nd November 2021.
  • Registration fee:
    Faculty: 1000 (Thousand only).
    Industry Professionals: 2000 (Two Thousand only).
    For Foreigner:- 50 USD.


Dr. Raju Bhukya, Assistant Professor,
Mobile: 9700553922, 8332969733.
Email: raju[at], cce[at]

Click here to view the official notification of Online STC on Hands-on for Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning & Deep Learning by NIT Warangal.

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