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Online Program on VLSI Revisited: From Analog to Digital by IIIT Delhi [July 20-Aug 14]: Register by June 30

Online Program on VLSI Revisited: From Analog to Digital by IIIT Delhi [July 20-Aug 14]: Register by June 30

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iiitd 3

The Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Delhi is organizing an Online Employability Enhancement Program on VLSI ReVisited: From Analog to Digital from July 20 to August 14, 2020.

The program will help the participants to Design an operational amplifier using CMOS and design low power high -speed digital circuits and memory.

IIIT Delhi was created as a State University by an act of Delhi Government (The IIIT Delhi Act, 2007) empowering it to do research and development, and grant degrees. In a relatively short time, it has earned an excellent reputation in India and abroad for being a center of quality education and research in IT and interdisciplinary areas.

  1. 4 Weeks (July 20 – Aug. 14)
  2. 60 Online Teaching Hours
  3. 60 Take-home Assignment Hours
  4. Hands-on Sessions every week
  5. Experts with over 5-40 years of experience
  6. 1-Month free access to recorded lectures
Learning Outcomes
  • In-depth understanding of Current Mirrors and their important role.
  • Ability to Design an Operational Amplifier to fulfill the given specifications.
  • Ability to choose the design style to meet Power-Performance-Area (PPA) specifications.
  • Ability to design low power and high-speed digital circuits.
  • Ability to evaluate Memory Circuits.
  • In-depth understanding of superscalar architectures and ISA.
  • Introduction to Gem5 simulator.
  • Evaluation of hardware and software optimization techniques using Gem5.
  • Complete end-to-end image processing.
  • C++ to Verilog via HLS.
  1. Differential Amplifiers
  2. Current Mirrors
  3. Basic Amplifier and Frequency response
  4. Basic of MOS Transistors
  5. VLSI Technology
  6. Logical Effort
  7. Introduction to Computer Architecture
  8. AXI Protocol
  9. Image Processing
  10. High-Level Synthesis
  • For Students: INR 3500 + GST
  • For Faculty Members: INR 6000 + GST
  • For Industry Personnel: INR 12000 + GST

To register online for the program, click here.

The last date for early bird registration is June 30, 2020.


Phone Number: +91-11-26907400/ 7404

For further details, click here.



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