About the organisation
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Asha Akanksha Foundation is a non-governmental organisation established in the year 2013 and is aimed towards working for education and spreading awareness in the society.

About the competition

Asha Akansha Foundation is organising an Online Photography Competition which will make you connect with your environment and nature.

Asha Akansha Foundation is organising, “IN THE SHADOWS”, a shadow photography contest which will capture the essence of our environment and magnify its beauty.

For centuries humans have walked on this earth and used it resources and how many times have we actually stopped and appreciated its magnificent features? Even in difficult times, when the temperatures are haywire and icebergs are melting, the nature doesn’t fail to astound us.

Little changes in our day to day lives can make a huge difference and for that, we first need to look closely at what we are ignoring and wasting away. So open your eyes, look around you and capture the essence of our environment in the shadows.

Registration and Fees Details
  • No registration fee is required for this competition.
  • Last Date of Registration: June 15, 2019
  • Results will be announced on the July 15 on our FB page.

To register, click here.


Top 15: Certificate of Merit and Internship Opportunity.

Rules of Submission
  1. Photograph Limit: 1 per participant
  2. Phone photography is also acceptable.
  3. In photo editing only global editing i.e. cropping and adjustment of hue/saturation; brightness/contrast levels are allowed. Photo-morphing, manipulations or local editing is not allowed.
  4. Individual photo-captions must be included.
  5. Do not include your credentials (name, address etc), watermarks in the picture or the frame. Such photos will be disqualified.
  6. The decision of the organizing committee will be final and binding.
  7. Any sign of plagiarism will lead to disqualification.
Judging Criteria

Relevance to theme & Creativity

For more details, click here.

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