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Online FDP on Teaching & Learning Strategies of Differential Equations & Application in Science & Engg by NIT Warangal [Dec 28- Jan 1]: Register by Dec 21: Expired

Differential equations have wide applications in various engineering and science disciplines. In general, modeling of the variation of a physical quantity, such as temperature, pressure, displacement, velocity, stress, strain, current, voltage, or concentration of a pollutant, with the change of time or location, or both would result in differential equations. Similarly, studying the variation of some physical quantities on other physical quantities would also lead to differential equations.

In fact, many engineering subjects, such as mechanical vibration or structural dynamics, heat transfer, or theory of electric circuits, are founded on the theory of differential equations. It is practically important for engineers to be able to model physical problems using mathematical equations, and then solve these equations so that the behavior of the systems concerned can be studied.

This program has been designed to cover the nuances of online teaching in detail and will help the attendees to develop and deliver online content professionally. The FDP will provide the attendees with hands-on experience on various tools to create video/audio content and present the same to students.

This training program, which is being organized under the aegis of the Teaching Learning Centre (TLC), is essentially a humble beginning on the Post-COVID-19 pedagogy of Technical Education.


This online FDP is expected to create awareness and understanding among the participants about the IT tools and software. This will enable to start using these tools in classroom teaching with a focus on providing the knowledge on differential equations. A major focus will be on explaining mathematical concepts with theory and solving differential equations along with the applications.

Course Content
  • Effective use of ICT in teaching and learning.
  • Professional Ethics and Universal Human Values
  • Computer Animations and Virtual Experiments
  • Higher-Order Differential Equations.
  • Applications of Linear/Nonlinear Differential Equations.
  • System of Differential Equations.
  • Series Solutions of Differential Equations.
  • Numerical Solutions of Differential Equations.
  • Dynamical systems, stability.
  • Modelling and simulation of dynamical systems.
  • Complex dynamical systems.
  • Related topics, e.g. bifurcations and chaos in dynamical systems, asymptotic methods in nonlinear dynamics, and others.
  • Research Performance, Research Productivity, Institutional Ranking Systems, Research metrics, Scientometrics, Citation tools, Impact Factor, h-Index Research Ethics – Copyright, IPR issues, Plagiarism, Plagiarism Detection Software.

  • Faculty members in the institutions of higher learning.
  • Research Scholars have an aptitude to teaching and desire to take up teaching profession as their career.
  • All working professionals working in the application of differential equations.
  • Interested candidates can register via this page.
  • Registration fee: Faculty Members Rs.600/- & Research Scholars Rs.300/-
  • Last date of registration: 21 Dec 2020

Dr. P. Muthu
Ph. No.:+91 833 2969 452
Email: pm[at]

Dr. H. P. Rani
Ph. No.:+91 9908 143247
Email: hprani[at]

Online FDP on Teaching & Learning Strategies of Differential Equations & Applications.


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