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Online FDP on Solar Energy Utilization by NIT Patna [Sep 14-18]: Register by Sep 10

About the FDP

Energy is the driving force behind all economic activities. Consequently the ever increasing population and associated energy requirements to meet the increasing living standard have become a matter of great concern. Solar technologies use the sun’s energy to provide electricity, heat, light, hot water, and even cooling for homes, businesses, and industry.

The aim of this FDP is to impart research skills to the researchers and teachers to improve the quality of research in the area of solar energy and its application. This programme will bring a positive transformation among the faculty members towards research work and enable the participants to develop competence in understanding the recent advances in solar energy systems.

  • Evaluation and assessment of Solar Radiation
  • Solar Geometry and sun-earth angles
  • Solar photovoltaic energy conversion
  • Bifacial and concentrated solar photo-voltaic systems and thermal management
  • Degradation in solar Photo-voltaic systems
  • Solar thermal collectors and applications (FPC, ETC, CPC).
  • Solar desalination and adsorption desalination systems.
  • Solar adsorption and absorption cooling systems.
  • Solar thermal power generation systems.
  • Research challenges in Solar Thermal Energy Storage.
  • Research challenges in use of Nanomaterials for solar energy applications
  • Computational modeling of solar energy systems.
Important dates
  • Receipt of applications (Online): September 10, 2020
  • Information to the selected candidates: September 11, 2020.
  • FDP duration: 14 – 18 September 2020.

Interested candidates can register online via this page.


Ajay Kumar Maurya
Call: 7633841849
Email: maurya.me16[at]

Online FDP on Solar Energy Utilization by NIT Patna.


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