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Online FDP on Quantum Computing by PSG College of Technology, TN [Aug 7-12]: Registrations Open


The PSG College of Technology, Tamil Nadu along with MeitY – Electronics & ICT Academy is organizing an Online FDP on Quantum Computing from August 7 to 12, 2020.

PSG College of Technology is an autonomous, government-aided, private engineering college in Coimbatore, India. It is affiliated with Anna University. It is ranked as one of the top private institutions in India. It is affiliated to PSG and Sons Charities Trust.

Course Content
  • Quantum Measurements Density Matrices; Positive-Operator Valued Measure; Fragility of quantum information: Decoherence.
  • Quantum Superposition and Entanglement; Quantum Gates and Circuits; No cloning theorem & Quantum Teleportation; Bell’s inequality and its implications.
  • Quantum Algorithms & Circuits; Deutsch and Deutsch–Jozsa algorithms; Grover’s Search Algorithm; Quantum Fourier Transform.
  • Shore’s Factorization Algorithm; Quantum Error Correction: Fault tolerance; Quantum Cryptography; Implementing Quantum Computing: issues of fidelity.
  • Scalability in quantum computing; NMR Quantum Computing; Spintronics and QED approach.
  • Linear Optical Approaches; Nonlinear Optical Approaches; Limits of the approaches; Future scope.
Target Audience

Interested Faculty of engineering/technical institutions are eligible to attend these Summer courses. Non-faculty participants are also invited to attend the aforesaid programs to upgrade their skills.

Registration Fees
  1. Faculty/ Research Scholar: Rs. 500/- (SC/ST: Rs. 250/-)
  2. Others (Except Faculty/ Research Scholar): Rs. 1000/- (SC/ST: Rs. 500/-)

To register online for the FDP, click here.

Participants will be selected based on first-cum-first-serve basis by the organizing academy.

For full notification, click the link below.

Online FDP on Quantum Computing by PSG College of Technology, TN



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