Online FDP on Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Using Python by NIT Warangal [Dec 20-29]: Register by Dec 19

Applications are invited for Online FDP on Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Using Python by NIT Warangal on 20-29 December 2021. The last date of application is 19 December.

Course Content

  • Introduction: Getting Started, Keywords and Identifiers,Python Operators, Python Namespace, Python I/O and import, Statements & Comments, Python Variables, Python Datatypes, Python Type Conversion,
  • Python Flow Control: Python if…else, Python for Loop, Python while LoopPython break and continue, Python Pass
  • Python Functions: Python Functions, Function Argument,Python RecursionAnonymous Function,Global, Local and Nonlocal, Python Global Keyword, Python Modules, Python Package.
  • Python Files: Python File Operation, Python Directory, Python ExceptionPython Exception Handling, Python User-defined
  • Python Object & Class:- Python OOP, Python Class, Python Inheritance, Python Operator Overloading.
  • Python Advanced Topics:-PythonIterator, Python Generator, Python Closure, Python Decorators, Python Property, Python Reg Ex, Python Example. ANN,Back Propagation, RNN,Types of RNN, Deep RNN and Bidirectional LSTM.
  • Softwares: Jupiter Notebooks, Anaconda, Tensorflow,CUDA.
  • Packages: Pandas, Numpy, and Matplotlib. Ensemble Method: Bagging, boosting, gradient boosting, random forest , Xgmboost, GRU and Autoencoder and Introduction to AutoML Light AutoML, Google Brains: Ventilator pressure prediction, Regression through gradient descent, Particle swarm optimization, Teaching Learning based Optimization.Optimization through meta heuristic techniques.
  • Project: CNN and it’s applications in Medical Image Processing and natural language processing, Text classification using Google Bert Model. Future Credit card customer prediction using Xgboost and light gbm, Multi Language Machine Translation using NLP, Emotion Recogination using NLP Techinques.

Who should attend?

The Programme is open to all Faculty/Research Scholars/ Industry Professionals/MCA/MBA/Degree/Polytechnic and other eligible students can register the course.


  • Interested candidates can register via this page.
  • Registration fee: Faculty: 1000 (Thousand only)., Industry Professionals: 2000 (Two Thousand only). & For Foreigner:- 50 USD Dollars.
  • The interested individuals may register on the FCFS basis the seats are limited to 250 only

Important date

Registration Deadline: 19th December 2021.


Dr. Raju Bhukya, Assistant Professor,
Mobile: 9700553922, 8332969733.

Click here to view the official notification of Online FDP on Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Using Python by NIT Warangal.

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