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Online FDP on Emerging Areas in Molecular Biology & Biotechnology by Tezpur University, Assam [Sept 6-10]: Registrations Open


Teaching Learning Centre (TLC), Tezpur University in association with the Dept of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Tezpur University is organizing a Weeklong Online Faculty Development Program on Emerging Areas in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology during 06-10 September 2021. The program is being organized by TLC, Tezpur University set up under PMMMNMTT Scheme, Ministry of Education, Govt. of India.

Tezpur University is a Central University located in Tezpur in the North-Eastern state of Assam, India, established by an act of Parliament, in 1994. The establishment of Tezpur University is considered to be one of the outcomes of the Assam Accord, along with the establishment of Assam University and the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. Tezpur University was established, by an Act of Parliament, in 1994. The then prime minister of India, P. V. Narasimha Rao, chaired the opening of the university.

  • DNA: The Molecular Basis of Life
  • Breakthrough discoveries in the field of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
  • Genomics: Understanding the gene and gene regulation
  • Omics & System biology: An interdisciplinary approach to understand biological complexities
  • Recombinant DNA Technology: Revolutionizations of modern Biology
  • Bioinformatics: Integrating biological information for the acceleration of drug discovery
  • Molecular evolution of SARS-CoV-2 and recent interventions
  • Immune system: Is it a hide and seek game in a fight against pathogens?
  • Biosafety: Safety concerns and ethical issues in biological research
Who can Attend?

Research Scholars & Faculty Members can attend the FDP.


The registration fee is Rs. 800/-. Payment Mode: Online; Account Holder: Registrar, Tezpur University; Bank Name: State Bank of India; Branch: Main Branch, Tezpur; IFSC Code: SBIN0000195, MICR Code: 784002002; Account Number:: 10501586319.

To register for the FDP, click here.

Click here to view the official notification for the Online FDP on Emerging Areas in Molecular Biology & Biotechnology by Tezpur University, Assam

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