Online FDP on Challenges & Opportunities in Collection, Storage & Utilization of Solar Thermal Energy by NIT Jalandhar [Oct 19-23]: Register by Oct 12: Expired

About the FDP

The main objective of the FDP is to plan and help in imparting quality technical education in the country and to support technical institutions in fostering research, innovation and entrepreneurship through training in various emerging areas.

Solar energy is a safe alternative energy which can replace current fossil fuels like coal and gas for generation of electricity that produce air, water, and land pollution. Use of solar energy will eliminate these unsafe, unclean consequences from using conventional fossil fuels.

The FDP covers the basics of solar energy, nomenclature, solar geometry, solar radiation, estimation, measurement, flat plate collectors, solar water heaters, solar air heaters, novel solar thermal collectors, tracking improvements, thermal conversion applications viz. power generation, desalination, solar assisted hybrid plants, cogeneration, multi-utility product.

  • Sun-Earth Geometry
  • Solar Radiation • Solar Collectors
  • Solar Thermal Storage • Solar Energy Utilization
  • Nano Fluids in Solar Applications
  • Solar Radiative Cooling Technologies
  • Solar Desalination
  • Solar Thermal Power Generation
  • Solar Poly-generation
  • Modeling and Simulation of Solar Thermal Systems
  • Optimization of Solar Thermal Units

The outcomes of this FDP on solar thermal energy are

  • Apply the solar geometry and solar radiation to evaluate the solar thermal technologies.
  • Study on solar energy storage such as sensible heat storage, latent heat storage, thermo-chemical heat storage.
  • Design the solar thermal collectors suitable to the application such as power generation, desalination, air conditioning, drying etc.
Who can attend?

The faculty members of the AICTE approved institutions, research scholars (PG and Ph. D), participants from Government, Industry (Bureaucrats/ Technicians/ Participants from Industry etc.) and staff of host institutions.

  • Interested candidates can register online via this page.
  • Last date of registration: 12th October, 2020.
  • No Registration Fee.
  • E-Certificates will be provided after successful completion of FDP

Dr. Tangellapalli Srinivas
Mob: +91-8056300923, 7814506833
Email: srinivast[at]nitj.ac.in

NIT Jalandhar’s Online FDP on Challenges & Opportunities in Collection, Storage & Utilization of Solar Thermal Energy


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