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Online FDP on Blockchain by IIT Roorkee [May 1-8]: Register by Apr 30: Expired


IIT Roorkee is organizing an Online Course/ FDP on Blockchain Technologies from May 1 to 8, 2020. In order to ensure that the dissemination of knowledge does not stop due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the classes will be held online via ZOOM.

Course Objectives
  • Introduction to the concepts of blockchain and its platforms as bitcoin, ethereum, hyper ledger, and multi Chain.
  • Overview of the structure and mechanism of blockchain.
  • Learn about how smart contracts are developed using solidity.
  • Learn about how to deploy a business network using a hyper ledger compose.
  1. Understand the structure of a blockchain and why/when it is better than a simple.
  2. Distributed database, analyze the incentive structure in a blockchain-based system.
  3. Evaluate the setting where a blockchain-based structure may be applied.
  4. Understand what constitutes a smart contract, what are its legal implications, and what it can and can not do.
  5. Attain awareness of the new challenges that exist in monetizing businesses around blockchains and smart contracts.
  6. Describe and understand the differences between the most prominent blockchain structures and permission blockchain service providers.
  • Blockchain technology mechanisms & networks, blockchain users And adoption, hash pointers, and data structures.
  • Alternative blockchains/ altchains, ethereum consensus mechanisms, ethereum virtual machine (EVM), ethereums ecosystem and dapps, the bitcoin network, and mining process.
  • The lottery contract, lottery design, starting the lottery contract, entering the lottery, validation with require statements, pseudo-random number generator, resetting contract rate.
Target Audience

Faculty/Ph.D./ Research Scholars of engineering/technical institutions and persons from Govt. departments/labs and industry.

Registration Fees
  1. Faculty Members: Rs. 250/-
  2. Research Scholars: Rs. 500/-
  3. Persons from Industry: Rs. 1000/-

There are 60 seats on a first-cum-first serve basis.


Interested candidates can register online by clicking here. The last date to register is April 30, 2020.


Email ID: eict@iitr.ac.in

For further details, click here.



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