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Online Course on Transport in Nanoelectronics by IIT Kanpur [Mar 15-20]: Registrations Open


The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur is organizing an Online Course on Transport in Nanoelectronics from March 15 to 20, 2021.

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (also known as IIT Kanpur or IITK) is a public technical and research university located in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. It was declared to be an Institute of National Importance by the Government of India under the Institutes of Technology Act.

Course Overview
  1. Introduction and Overview- classical, semi-classical, and quantum transport, diffusive and ballistic transport, different length scales, near-equilibrium and high-field transport, transport in magnetic fields.
  2. Classical diffusive transport- continuity and drift-diffusion equation, scattering and Poisson process, random walk model of drift-diffusion, master equation/ rate equation.
  3. Thermodynamics- equilibrium vs non-equilibrium, maximum entropy principle, equilibrium distributions – Maxwell-Boltzmann, Fermi-Dirac, and Bose-Einstein distributions.
  4. Hamiltonian mechanics, Liouville’s theorem, Boltzmann transport equation (BTE), and collision integral for classical particle, electron, and phonon transport, equilibrium and non-equilibrium.
  5. Boltzmann transport equation- general solution, moment equations, drift-diffusion equation, and energy transport equations, electrochemical potentials.
  6. Schrodinger’s formulation of quantum mechanics (QM), periodic potential and Bloc’s theorem, band-structure and effective mass approximation, Bloch oscillations, and semi-classical transport.
Registration Fees
  1. Faculty from AICTE Institutes coming under QIP program (maximum 30): NIL
  2. Faculty from private/ autonomous Institutions (Non-IITK Faculty): Rs. 7,080/- (Including GST)
  3. Students of IITK (IITK-Student): Rs. 1,000/- (No GST Required)
  4. Students from other Educational Institutions (Non-IITK Students): Rs. 2,360/- (Including GST)
  5. Participant from Industry and R&D labs (Industrial Participant): Rs. 10,620- (Including GST)

To register for the course, click here.


Email: qip@iitk.ac.in


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Online Course on Transport in Nanoelectronics by IIT Kanpur


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