Online Course on Multi-scale Computational Fluid Dynamics by NIT Jalandhar [Sep 21-25]: Register by Sep 20: Expired

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About the Course

The objective of this course is to make you learn all the 3 aspects of multi-scale Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD): development, application, and analysis. In this course, an attempt is made to simplify the subject even for readers who have little or no experience in CFD, and without prior knowledge of fluid-dynamics, heat-transfer and numerical-methods.

The major emphasis is on simplification of the mathematics involved by presenting physical law (instead of the traditional differential equations) based algebraic-formulations, discussions, and solution methodology. The physical law based simplified CFD approach keeps the level of mathematics to school education, and also allows the reader to intuitively get started with the computer programming.

Another distinguishing feature of the present course is to effectively link the theory with the computer-program (code); covered in the lab sessions. For the lab sessions, a set of computer programs and detailed documentation, developed at NIT J, will be given to the participants.

Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning
Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning

The programs are written in Scilab, a free open source software or MATLAB for numerical computation. Moreover, hand on practice of Ansys-Fluent commercial software will be provided. Carefully designed example problems will be solved using the computer programs. Furthermore, the present course is structured for module-by-module code development of the two-dimensional numerical formulation; the codes are given for 2D heat conduction, advection and convection.

The present subject involves learning to develop and effectively use a product -a CFD software. The details for the CFD development presented here is the main part of a CFD software. Furthermore, CFD application and analysis are presented by carefully designed example as well as exercise problems; not only limited to fluid dynamics but also includes heat transfer.


The following is the list of topics to be covered in e-STC:

  • Fundamentals of CFD Development
  • CFD Applications and Analysis for Multiphase Interactions Flow and Fluid Structure
  • Fundamentals of CFD in Microchannels (Single and Multiphase flow)
  • CFD in Combustion and Experimental Validation
  • CFD in Solar Systems
  • Introduction to Aircraft Stealth Technology
  • Interested candidates can register online via this page.
  • Last date to apply: September 20, 2020
  • No Registration fee
  • Prior registration is mandatory to attend the STC

Contact: satyenders[at]nitj.ac.in; rajank[at]nitj.ac.in; singhdk[at]nitj.ac.in
Mobile: +91-9418662007; +91-8894990325; +91-9572225084

NIT Jalandhar’s Online Course on Multi-scale Computational Fluid Dynamics.


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