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Online Course on ML for Data Science using Python by NIT Warangal [Dec 14-23]: Register by Nov 30

Online Course on ML for Data Science using Python by NIT Warangal [Dec 14-23]: Register by Nov 30

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nitw2 6

The Department of Computer Science and Engg, National Institute of Technology (NIT), Warangal is organizing an Online Training Program on Machine Learning for Data Science using Python from December 14 to 23, 2020.
This short-term course facilitates upgrading knowledge, skill in the most advanced areas such as Data Science and Machine Learning.
National Institute of Technology Warangal, formerly known as Regional Engineering College was established in 1959. Over the years it has developed into a premier institute of higher learning and is ranked among the top technical education institutions in India.


The program will positively impact the perceived ability to understand recent advances in machine learning and data science. Participants will be able to demonstrate knowledge of machine learning techniques to solve real-world problems in data science, and various other applications.

Course Content
  1. Introduction: What is Data Science, Real-life examples and Applications, Data Scientist: The most promising Job of the 21st Century, Machine Learning vs. Data Science vs. AI, Machine Learning types, Generics of machine learning approaches.
  2. Python Essentials: Installation of Anaconda, Python Editors & IDE’s (Anaconda, Jupyter), Primitive Data types, lists, tuples, dictionaries, strings, Data manipulation tools (Operators, Functions, Packages, control structures, Loops, arrays), Importing Data from various sources (CSV, txt, excel), Exporting Data to various formats.
  3. Probability and Statistics for Data Science: Basic probability theory, Random variables, Probability distributions, Markov models, Bayesian learning.
  4. Regression: Univariate linear regression, multivariate linear regression, Polynomial Regression.
  5. Classification: Logistic regression, SVM, Multi-class SVM, Decision trees, K-Nearest Neighbors.
Target Audience

Faculty members in all disciplines of Engineering, Sciences, Mathematics, Life sciences, Management, Post Doctoral Fellows, Research Scholars, PG students, UG students who have an aptitude to work in the areas of data sciences and machine-learning is invited to apply.

Resource Person

Eminent faculty from IITs, Central Universities, Industry and Senior Faculty from different departments of NIT Warangal, will deliver lectures and conduct hands-on sessions.

Registration Fees
  1. Faculty, Post-Doctoral fellows, Research Scholars, PG students, UG student: Rs. 1000/-
  2. Industry Participants: Rs. 2000/-

Registration fee can be remitted Online/ NEFT to the Bank Account details: Account Name: Center for Continuing Education NITW, Account Number: 62403680215 (Savings Account), Bank Name: State Bank of India, Branch: NIT Warangal, IFSC Code: SBIN0020149.


Interested candidates can register online by clicking here.
The last date to register is November 30, 2020.


Dr. Venkateswara Rao Kagita,  Assistant Professor, Department of CSE, NIT Warangal
Phone Number: 6281746931
Email ID:
For full notification, click the link below.

Online Course on ML for Data Science using Python by NIT Warangal

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