Online Course on Machine Learning at NIT Jalandhar [Sep 9-13]: Submit by Sep 7

Online Course on Machine Learning at NIT Jalandhar [Sep 9-13]: Submit by Sep 7

NIT Jalandhar Online course
NIT Jalandhar Online course

NIT Jalandhar is organising online short-term course “Machine Learning: Theory and Applications (MLTA2020)” on 9-13 Sept 2020. This short-term course on “Machine Learning: Theory and Applications (MLTA2020)” is being organized not only to provide the participants a deep understanding of the mathematical framework behind the machine learning but also make them familiar with the advanced tools and techniques being used in this field.

  • Introduction to Probability Theory for Machine Learning (Conditional Probability, Bayes Theorem, Probability Distribution Functions (pdfs), Probability Mass Functions, Covariance and Correlations)
  • Linear Algebra for Machine Learning (Introduction to vector spaces and Concept of mathematical optimization.)
  • Types of Machine Learning (Unsupervised, Supervised and Reinforcement learning).
  • Statistical Decision Making (Linear Regression Analysis and Multivariate Regression Analysis).
  • Decision Trees (Formation, mathematical basis, Evaluation, Practical examples and Case Study, Random Forest)
  • Statistical Classifiers (Support Vector Machines (SVM)).
  • Practical aspects of solving Regression problems using SVM.
  • ML Algorithms (ANN, CNN, RNN, GA, YOLO)
  • Interested candidates can register via this page.
  • Last date of registration: 7 Sept 2020
  • No registration fee will be charged from the participants.
  • E-Certificate will only be provided to those participants who will attend all sessions of the MLTA: 2020

Dr Suneel Dutt
Call: 8219577957
Email: dutts[at]

Dr Varun Sharma
Call: 8591113750

Online Course on Machine Learning at NIT Jalandhar.


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