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Online Course on Landscape Ecology by ETH Zurich [14 Weeks]: Enroll Now

Online Course on Landscape Ecology by ETH Zurich [14 Weeks]: Enroll Now

ETH Zurich Online Course
ETH Zurich Online Course
About the Course

What is the landscape? How has it evolved? How do we perceive landscapes? What properties are required to make us feel at home?

Are you interested in these topics and want to understand how landscapes function? Then this is the course for you! We will present the discipline of Landscape Ecology, where natural and social sciences meet. You will realize how innovative and collaborative approaches used in Landscape Ecology allow land managers, planners and the public to shape landscapes for future societies.

We will teach you the modern tools of Landscape Ecology enabling you to address fundamental research questions. You will also get valuable practical advice in solving existing real landscape issues.

Leading Landscape Ecology professors will present case studies from around the world, highlighting tools and methods in Landscape Ecology and how they are used to solve environmental problems.

What you’ll learn?
  • Methods for the valuation of landscapes using the ecosystem service paradigm
  • How to quantify landscape attributes using landscape metrics
  • Methods to assess user conflicts in ecologically sensitive landscapes
  • How to use satellite data to detect landscape changes
  • Philosophical aspects of landscapes, land ethics and conservation
  • Theories of landscape perception and place attachment
  • Ecology in the context of urban landscapes
  • Statistical analysis with R
  • How to work with spatial data and GIS

Unit 1: Landscape Ecology Foundations
This unit introduces you to the definitions and important concepts of Landscape Ecology. It also explores the forces that shape our landscapes.
Introduction to Landscape Ecology
Drivers of Landscape Patterns

Unit 2: Land System Modelling
This unit focuses on quantitative assessments and the modelling of landscapes, mostly from a natural science perspective.
Theory: Landscape Modelling
Case Study: Oil Exploration and Rare Plant Conservation
Theory: Landscape Metrics
Case Study: The Impacts of Transport Infrastructure in Iran on Wildlife Habitat
Theory: Remote Sensing
Case Study:Urbanisationin the Maldives

Unit 3: Landscape and Society
This unit focuses on the socio-economic aspects of landscape science and the interface between people and the environment.
Theory: Landscape Perception
Case study: Renewable Energy and Landscape Conflicts
Case Study: Soundscape Ecology
Theory: Ecosystem Services and Valuation
Case study: Land Ethics
Theory: Urban Ecology
Case study: Urban Ecology in Bangalore


FREE, Add a Verified Certificate for ₹3,693

  • High school level mathematics
  • Basic knowledge in GIS and statistics (or willingness to put in some extra effort)
  • Basic knowledge in ecology
  • A good understanding of maps

To enroll in this course, click the link below.

Online Course on Landscape Ecology 

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