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Online Course on Fuel Cells- Basics and Progress by NIT Rourkela [Dec 23-27]: Register by Dec 16

About the Course

Due to growing concerns on the rapid depletion of conventional fossil fuel resources and global environmental pollution, utilization of alternative fuels and clean energy technologies have been paid more attention by the world during the last four decades. Fuel cell technology is recognized as the most promising technology in the context of low pollutant power generation.

Fuel cell is an energy conversion device used to convert chemical energy of a fuel into electrical energy, water and heat without fuel combustion. Many types of fuel cells are currently in operation for a wide range of applications, classified primarily by the kind of electrolyte they employ. Fuel cells can be used in portable, backup, transportation, and stationary power applications.

The global fuel cell industry, which has been growing at a rapid pace for the past few years, is expected to pose an unprecedented growth in near future. The constant government support, regulations like amendment in emission legislations, and increased funding for research and development of fuel cells are encouraging the industry, which is currently dominated by the US, the UK, and Canada.

In future, the momentum is expected to shift to the Asian countries due to their vast market potential and rising spending power. In India, awareness on fuel cell, their applications and recent developments need to be still spread in all platforms to a maximum possible extent for gearing up the use of fuel cell technology to great extent in near future. This short term course is aimed to create awareness among faculty members, research scholars, scientists, engineers and students on fundamentals of fuel cells and their recent developments.

Course Content
  • Fuel cell-Introduction and types
  • Fuel cell chemistry
  • Fuels for fuel cell
  • Materials for fuel cells
  • Energy and exergy analyses
  • Gas diffusion layer
  • Electro-analytical techniques in fuel cell
  • Thermal management
  • Cogeneration and polygeneration
  • A few expert lectures will be delivered by experts from reputed industries, research organizations and academic institutions.
Target Audience
  • Faculty members, research scholars and students from engineering institutions and professionals from Industry & R&D units can attend the course.
  • A maximum of 60 external registered participants will be allowed to attend the course. Participation Certificate will be given only to the attendee who meets 75% and above attendance. Participation certificate will be sent to the registered attendees of the course by India Post.
  • Industry & R&D Units: Rs. 2000
  • Faculty members: Rs. 1000
  • Professionals from Research Scholars and Students: Rs. 500
  • Interested one can register via this page.
  • Last date for submission of the registration form and the demand draft: 16-12-2020

Dr. S. Murugan
Email ID: murugans[at]
Mobile : 09437140949

Online Course on Fuel Cells- Basics and Progress by NIT Rourkela.





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