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Online Course on Computational Methods and Analysis for Engineers by NIT Jalandhar [Nov 18-22]: Register by Nov 16: Expired

About the Course

In our day to day engineering problem solving procedures as we proceed to formulate solutions we tend to end up with different types of equations.

These equations could be a nonlinear equation, a system of non-linear equations, linear algebraic equation, a system of linear algebraic equations, linear ordinary differential equation, a system of linear ordinary differential equations, non-linear ordinary differential equation, a system of nonlinear ordinary differential equations, a system of coupled ordinary differential equations, a system of coupled non-linear ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations (linear and non-linear) or a system of coupled partial differential equations (linear and non-linear).

Questions linger in our minds whether the generated answers are correct or wrong, and thus these equations need to be analyzed and solved using some efficient techniques which would give an answer close to the analytical solution.

This short term course has been designed with an aim to give hands-on experience to students, scholars and researchers of chemical engineering specially those working in the modeling and simulation field on the usage of various computational techniques, their applications and limitations.

  • Linear Regression Analysis
  • Finite Element Modeling
  • Chemical Engineering Computation Using Comsol Multiphysics
  • Response Surface Methodology and Optimization
  • Data Analytics in Process Industries
  • Orthogonal Collocation Technique and It’s Application in Packed Bed Adsorption Column
  • Modeling and Optimization of Membrane Separation Processes
  • Polynomial Interpolation and Least-Square Approximation: Applications in Chemical Engineering
  • Molecular Modelling and Computational Analysis: Applications in Development of Composites and Coatings
  • Formulation of Governing Equation and Solving with Finite Difference in Heat and Fluid Flow
  • Modeling and Simulation of Wastewater Treatment Plants
Who can attend?

Registration is open to academia, industry and R & D laboratories. Interested participants may apply by filling in the Google Form with payment proof on or before 16th November 2020.


Email: aryark[at]
Call: 9819588825

Online Course on Computational Methods and Analysis for Engineers by NIT Jalandhar.



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