Online Course on Complex Challenges [2 Sessions * 90 Minutes, June 22 & 26]: Registrations Open

Online Course on Complex Challenges [2 Sessions * 90 Minutes, June 22 & 26]: Registrations Open

Complexity University is conducting a short online course on Approaches to Navigating Complexity from 22 – 26 June 2020.

About the course

Issues like poverty, ethnic conflict, and climate change are incredibly dynamic and complex, involving an ever-shifting array of factors, actors, and circumstances.  These challenges demand a more fluid and adaptive approach.

While we can shy away from these challenges because they’re so hard, understanding complexity leads us to a different perspective. We can see these challenges as opportunities for change.

This introductory course provides an overview of complex challenges, how to understand them, while providing an opportunity to understand what makes them different from other challenges,

Over two 90-minute sessions, we will set you off on the path towards learning how you can achieve greater impact with your work.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who finds themselves struggling to understand the nature of changes sweeping the globe, many of which impact us personally and professionally. You might be working in the public sector, the nonprofit sector or the business community.

It is especially valuable for those working professionally in situations of complexity needing clear, jargon free language to understand and communicate why these situations are the way they are.


The sessions will be run by Zaid Hassan. Zaid has 20 years of experience tackling complex social challenges. He has worked all over the world. His experiences range from working in rural India on reducing acute child malnutrition to tackling racism, violence and youth unemployment in inner city Chicago. He is the author of The Social Labs Revolution: A New Approach to Solving Our Most Complex Challenges.


The sessions will take place at 1600 BST (London)/1100 EDT (New York)/2030 IST (Delhi). Check to find when this is for you.

Each session will last for 90 minutes and take place via Zoom.

  • Session 1 – 22nd June

  • Session 2 – 26th June


These sessions are offered in the spirit of gift culture (contribute what you can). You may to choose an amount that you feel able to afford, or feel the course is worth. This enables the organiser to offer the course to a wider range of participants than if it were to be offered at a fixed price.

If you belong to an organisation then we suggest choosing a larger amount to enable others to participate at a lower cost.

Click here for full details and online registration. 



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