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Online Certificate Course in Derivatives by NSE Academy [Republic Day 26% Discount Offer]: Enroll Now!

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By: Usha | 17 Jan 2020 10:25 AM

About the Course

Certification in Online Derivatives Demystified course is jointly certified by NSE Academy & Elearnmarkets (NSE Academy is a subsidiary of National Stock Exchange of India).

Derivatives are known to be among the most powerful financial instruments. Certification in Online Derivatives Demystified not only  provides insights into meaning of derivatives, basics of derivatives, options futures and other derivatives, application of derivatives,  but also prepares an individual for a career in the fascinating world of trading financial assets as well as train them how to make money trading derivatives.

This programme will constantly help learners  with strategies for equity and derivatives investment and provide knowledge for trading, hedging and arbitrage opportunities. These opportunities can give rise to handsome profits as well as challenges because there are some important differences between investments in the cash market as opposed to that in derivatives. This course is a perfect choice to understand the complexities of the world of derivatives.

Who is it for

Certification in Online Derivatives Demystified is useful for Students, Investors, Traders,Employees, Sub Brokers and all people who are interested to learn about equity derivatives.

This course is essential for everyone who operates in the financial markets or within the corporate environment to understand the important financial instruments. This course will help them know how to make money trading derivatives. A sound understanding of Derivatives aids to hedge risk in the underlying, create Option ability, provide leverage, speculate as well as switch asset allocation.


Students enrolling for this programme will be given a “Certificate of Participation” from NSE Academy facilitated by, after successful completion of the course.


The Topics covered in the NSE Certified Derivatives Demystified course are:

 Introduction to Derivatives:

  • What are Derivatives?
  • Types of Derivative Markets

 Introduction to Forwards and Futures:

  • Forward Contracts
  • Future Contracts
  • Different types of Derivative Participants

Future Markets:

  • Future Terminologies
  • Futures Payoff
  • Futures as a Trading Opportunity
  • Pricing of Futures-Cost of Carry and Expectancy Model
  • Physical Settlement vs Cash Settlement
  • Understanding Nifty Futures

Introduction to Options:

  • What are Options?
  • Call Options
  • American and European Options
  • Payoff from Call Options
  • Put Options
  • Payoff from Put Options

Options Pricing :

  • Moneyness of Options
  • Factors affecting Option Premium

Options Strategies:

  • Bull and Bear Spread Strategies
  • Volatile and Non-Volatile Strategies
  • Hedging Strategies

Open Interest and Rollover:

  • Open Interest
  • Rollover

Trading ,Clearing and Settlement:

  • Margins

Course Fee


For full details and online enrollment, click here. For a 26% Republic Day Discount offer, use the Promo code RD26.

Note: NoticeBard is associated with Elearnmarkets via an affiliate programme.

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