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Online Certification Courses by IISc, Bangalore [Starts Aug 3]: Register by July 26


The Centre for Continuing Education, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore is offering semester-long online courses for undergraduate students.

The courses are organized during evening hours so that working professionals can participate without getting their normal work affected. All courses are normally at the postgraduate level and many of these are in fact offered to the IISc students regularly. Tests and examinations are conducted according to the IISc norms.

The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) established in 1909, is a Deemed University and Centrally Funded Technical Institution under the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India.

Course Offered
  1. Online Course on Innovative Product Development and Design Methods (Mon) (6 pm–8 pm) (2 Credits)
  2. Online Course on Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms (Mon) (6 pm-8 pm) (2 Credits)
  3. Online Course on Principles and Advances in Genetic Engineering (Mon-Wed) (6 pm-7:30 pm) (3 Credits)
  4. Online Course on Product Prototyping in IoT (Tue) (6 pm-8 pm) (2 Credits)
  5. Online Course on Optical Communications and Networks (Tue-Thur) (6 pm-7:30 pm) (3  Credits)
  6. Online Course on Internal Combustion Engines (Tue-Thur) (6 pm-7:30 pm) (3 Credits)
  7. Online Course on Vibration and Noise: Theory and Practice (Wed) (6 pm-8 pm) (2 Credits)
  8. AI for UI/UX Design(Wed) (6 pm-8 pm) (2 Credits)
  9. Basics of Data Analytics (Sat) (10 am-12 noon) (2 Credits)
  10. Online Course on Basics of Data Analytics (Sat) (10 am-12 noon) (2 Credits)
  11. Online Course on Computational Thinking in India: Insights from the Indic Tradition (Sat) (10 am-12 noon) (2 Credits)
  12. Online Course on Vacuum Thin Film Technology (Sat) (10 am-12 noon) (2 Credits)
  13. Online Course on Reinforcement Learning (Sat) (10 am-1 pm) (3 Credits)
  14. Online Course on Engineering Optimization (Sat) (10 am-1 pm) (3 Credits)
  15. Online Course on Data Mining (Sat) (10 am-1 pm) (3 Credits) (3 Credits)
  16. Online Course on Protect Your IP (PIP) (Sat) (10 am-1 pm) (3 Credits)
  17. Online Course on Structural Analysis and Design Optimization: Theory and Practice (Sat) (12 noon-2:00 pm) (2 Credits)
  18. Online Course on Machine Learning (Sat) (1 pm-4 pm) (3 Credits)
  19. Online Course on Introduction to Robotics (Sat) (1 pm-4 pm) (3 Credits)
  20. Business Analytics with Management Science Models and Methods (Sat) (1 pm-4 pm) (3 Credits)
  21. Online Course on Deep Reinforcement Learning (Sat) (2 pm-4 pm) (2 Credits)
  22. Online Course on Mathematical Foundations for Machine Learning (Sat) (2 pm-4 pm) (2 Credits)
  23. Online Course on Basics of Machine Learning (Sat) (2 pm-4 pm) (2 Credits)
Eligibility Criteria

Essential Qualification for any course is a degree in engineering or a postgraduate degree in Science/ Humanities as applicable with pre-requisites wherever applicable. Participants must upload (BE, B.Tech/ Post Graduation) Convocation/ Degree Certificate without fail ( In case of failure your application will be rejected ).

Course Fees

The course fee is Rs. 5000/- per credit and registration fee is Rs. 300/- per course. Any other gateway charges must be borne by the participant only during online payment.


Interested candidates can register online for the course by clicking here.

Participants will be admitted for Two Courses only. The last date to register is July 26, 2020. Classes will commence from August 3, 2020.


Email ID: admin.cce@auto.iisc.ac.in

For full notification, click the link below.

Online Certification Courses by IISc, Bangalore



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